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Try it: A crossword puzzle from Microsoft Advertising

It’s Tuesday, but not any Tuesday. In America, today is the Tuesday after Memorial Day, the day after a three-day weekend and, for many, the start of a new work week. I'm not sure about you, but I think three days are never enough, and returning to work and complex thought can be quite a feat. To help us all ease back into the daily grind, I want to share a search-advertising-themed crossword puzzle for you all to have fun with and hopefully reduce stress. It's meant to be doable for even those who have never tried a crossword puzzle before, so I encourage you to give it a try! No time limit, no pressure, and there's no harm in revealing an answer so that you learn something new. 
Download the PDF version, or give it a try it online: A Crossword Puzzle from Microsoft Advertising
We at Microsoft Advertising hope the rest of the week is productive and fulfilling. Let us know if we can ever assist you, by contacting us.

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