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Parallel tracking enables a faster and safer user experience

Updated October 7, 2020.

In our pursuit to enable a fast, trustworthy, and reliable search experience for users, we’re happy to announce the global availability of parallel tracking as an optional feature for all accounts. Parallel tracking will be available for select browsers (Edge, Firefox and Chrome) on a desktop or laptop device for search campaign ads.
As detailed in our previous post, parallel tracking will help reduce page load times and help enable a safer experience for search users. These two things can help increase the number of conversions for your ad campaigns.

What’s changing?

For all accounts created after May 31, 2020, parallel tracking will be mandatory. For all existing accounts created before this date, parallel tracking will be optional until January 15, 2021, by which time we expect parallel tracking to be mandatory for all accounts regardless of creation date.
If you use a click measurement provider, we recommend working with them to ensure their readiness for parallel tracking.
For existing accounts, you can enable this feature any time before November, by visiting your Account level options within the Shared Library page.

Product view of the parallel tracking option on the account level options page.
Select Parallel tracking by clicking the checkbox.

If you want to selectively enable parallel tracking, you can set a custom parameter {_beacon} as true at any campaign or ad group level.
To learn more about these new capabilities, please visit our Help page. If you have any questions or comments, you can connect with us via our feedback forum or on Twitter.