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Women entrepreneurs redefine success in business

Women entrepreneur stories inspire, influence, and inform people about the glass ceilings broken and those yet to come crashing down. They break the mold, driving trillions of dollars in business and serving as role models today for female empowerment and success.

Paving the way for small businesses

Seattle Chocolate and AKvertise are two small businesses run by women who lend big voices to the world of entrepreneurship. These women have achieved in ways that surprise even themselves, designing new ideas and flavors from the ground up, all while staying true to themselves. 

Seattle Chocolate owner Jean Thompson

Seattle Chocolate

Nothing evokes the sweet smell of success better than a thriving chocolatier. Seattle Chocolate owner and CEO Jean Thompson has built multiple chocolate truffle and chocolate bar brands that reflect the playful, hip, and artistic sense of Pacific Northwest culture through tasty innovations and premium ingredients. To get her company to where it stands today, Thompson took a crash course in business ownership, and she had the courage and savvy to recalibrate her audience targeting from mass marketing to her key audience of chocolate enthusiasts: affluent women. With Bing Ads, Seattle Chocolate uses search engine marketing to drive traffic to its web pages, helping Thompson and her marketing staff guide online shoppers toward her business’s most important initiatives: new Seattle Chocolate tours, seasonal campaigns, product sales, and philanthropic efforts. Learn more about how Seattle Chocolate is launching a new line of business and bringing in new chocolate lovers with the help of Bing Ads.

AKvertise owner Akvile DeFazio


To help others effectively develop a voice and online brand identity, you should first establish your own. Akvile DeFazio, president of AKvertise, a search and social advertising agency outside Los Angeles, California, uses her creativity and science background to help customers shape marketing campaigns, drive exposure and increase online conversions. For Akvile, becoming a successful woman entrepreneur in digital marketing meant she’d need to take a leap of faith in unchartered territories and establish an identity to build a niche in a competitive marketplace. Key differentiators for DeFazio were playing to her strengths, fostering strong relationships, and utilizing of Bing Ads. Not only has Bing Ads been a key player for her own business to attract new clientele, but it also enables her clients to dip their toes into paid search and see greater value from their digital marketing campaigns. Learn more about how AKvertise is helping other small businesses get savvier with their digital marketing campaigns through Bing Ads.

Watching small businesses grow

Bing Ads customer support is available to help businesses large and small create successful paid search campaigns. We offer a wide range of options, from self-serve to hands-on support. To get started, consider the following SMB services:

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