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Take a crash course in AI for marketing

How much do you know about using Artificial Intelligence (AI) software to improve your marketing? Knowledge is power, and Bing wants to help you capture a larger audience and market your business or services successfully. Take a look at the three resources below: Together they can help you understand and use marketing AI to reach more customers and build stronger relationships.

Learn to speak fluent AI

Bing has created an AI glossary to help you understand AI terminology and show how the power of AI research can help you shift from hindsight to foresight when you market to potential customers. 

Our AI glossary will help you:
  • Become more fluent in the language of AI.
  • Learn how to harness its full potential.
  • Feel confident about the use of AI in the future.

Take advantage of exciting new insights and opportunities

There are new opportunities built around the future of intelligent marketing.  Understand how Bing is using AI and machine learning to create a more relevant, personalized customer experience. Download our eBook to see how you can benefit from our investments in this technology. 
Our AI eBook provides insights about:
  • Why AI is everywhere.
  • How AI forges stronger customer relationships.
  • How you can embrace AI in marketing.

Start using the power of AI and machine learning now

Join our team of experts as they bring you our artificial intelligence course – The Art and Science of Intelligent Ad Solutions on Bing Ads. Learn more about what AI means to the advertising industry and what Microsoft thinks about AI.

Our AI webcast will help you become familiar with:
  • Dynamic Search Ads.
  • Chat bot extensions.
  • In-market Audiences and more.