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True ROI: Turn 4 business challenges into success stories

Businesses of all sizes seek to reach new audiences, improve website traffic, and establish their brand—all with strong ROI. Growing your business is full of challenges, but online advertising can help you reach your goals and overcome the obstacles.

Businesses like Gardener’s Edge are familiar with the challenges of growing digital business. Gardener’s Edge started as an old-fashioned retail catalog for horticulture in 1996, moving to an online storefront in 2005. They needed to expand their existing base of customers, increase website traffic, establish their brand, and generate a healthy ROI. With Bing Ads, they turned these challenges into success stories. Here’s how.

How do I find new customers?

For new online businesses like Gardener’s Edge, attracting customers is obviously the first goal. The same is true for well-established businesses. Even if you have a solid base of existing customers, you’ll reach a point when you want to break outside your current circle and reach new audiences. Where do you find these new customers?

Solution: Potential customers are searching every day on the Bing Network. They’re actively looking for the solutions and services your business offers. Advertising with search engines allows you to reach them at this crucial time in their consumer journey.
It worked for Gardener’s Edge. Gardener’s Edge grew out of A.M. Leonard, one of the world’s oldest horticultural tool and supply businesses for professional gardeners. The company wanted to expand to hobbyists with Gardener’s Edge. To target this new demographic, they focused a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign on exactly the terms these casual gardeners were looking for.

“Demographically it’s brought us a lot of the exact customers that we really want,” says Jason Corpus, Vice President of Marketing for Gardener’s Edge. “Bing Ads gets us out in front of people who may not know us, but to whom we want to reach.”

How do I get customers to my website?

Having a website is an essential tool for all types of businesses. But when your site is new or just doesn’t get much of traffic, it can be hard to get the ball rolling. Ranking organically on search engines is a great way to be found, but organic optimization takes time and competition for top rankings is fierce. How do you drive customers to your site if you’re having trouble ranking in organic search?

Solution: Search engine marketing (SEM) is a powerful way to show your site to customers who might be interested in your products. You’re able to buy visibility at a price that even new small businesses can afford.

Using a combination of Bing Ads Intelligence and device targeting, Gardener’s Edge could target women over the age of 45 working on desktop computers. They kept adding money to their ad spend as they saw increasing returns.

“If something’s providing you value, keep going,” says Corpus. “We don’t set hard limits on spending, rather, we focus on the return and value that it is providing."

How do I increase brand awareness?

Being known as a trusted expert can help drive sales. You want customers to associate your brand with the solutions you offer, but it can be difficult to establish that connection. How do you build a reputation around your strengths?

Solution: Through the targeting built into search engine marketing, you can control what search queries will trigger your ads and when. This can help customers associate your brand with different types of solutions. Bidding on non-branded keywords helps grow brand awareness and makes your brand synonymous with the questions potential customers are asking. You control the targeting, which helps you control your branding.

“If we want to meet them where they are, we have to use [Bing Ads],” says Corpus. Gardener’s Edge used Bing’s Sitelink Extensions to grow their conversion rate on non-branded terms by 108%. They met people at the level of their broadest queries, and Bing helped turn those people into Gardener’s Edge customers.

How do I ensure strong ROI?

Justifying your marketing budget is always difficult. This is especially true for small businesses with limited budget. Traditional advertising can help grow exposure, but how do you know what’s worth the money?

Solution: Choose a search engine marketing platform that offers closed loop reporting. This means that if you pay for a click, you can track how that user interacts with your site. You can tell if that click resulted in new business and plan campaigns accordingly. That’s true ROI.

For Gardener’s Edge, the ROI for PPC is bigger than dollars and cents. Search engine marketing supports the success of their whole company.

“Your customers are on Bing,” says Corpus. “Trust me, they’re there. Our philosophy is that every search has a value. And that value is then correlated into the success of our company.”


No matter what business challenges you’re facing, Bing Ads has solutions that will help your business grow and thrive online. Learn more about Bing Ads or get started today!