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Content Network sunset in the US market.

In August of 2015, Content Ads were deprecated for all non-US markets and today Bing Ads is announcing that on June 30th, 2017, we will deprecate Content Network and Content Ads for the US market. As part of our constant effort to optimize supply and deliver great ROI for our advertisers, we decided to deprecate Content Network in the US market due to low traffic (Content ads for US customers serve only in Windows Media and Windows Apps).

While the Content Network and Content Ads will be deprecated on June 30th, customers will continue to see and experience the following:

Through July 30th:

  • Bing Ads UI: Content ads creation as an option in the Bing Ads UI. After July 30th, we will stop the ability to create ad groups with a content distribution or update ad groups’ content distribution based information. In addition, customers will not see the content distribution option when creating or editing ad groups.
  • Bing Ads Editor: When syncing account changes, customers can try to create a search + content ad group, but it will be saved as a search ad group. If customers try to create a content only ad group or update content ads distribution information, an error will be shown. In later BAE versions, the option to make these changes will be removed completely.
  • API: When trying to add a new search + content ad group, it will save it as a search ad group. If you try to add a content ad group an error will be shown. If you try to update content ads based information an error will be shown.
  • Google Import: If you import a Search and Display campaign from AdWords, the ad group distribution will be changed to Search in Bing Ads. If you try to import a Display campaign from Adwords, it will not be imported, since Bing Ads does not have Display Advertising.

After July 30th:

  • Current search + content ad groups will automatically become search ad groups in the next few months. For the few customers who have content only ad groups, those will be deleted starting November 30th.

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