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Troubleshoot Your UET Tags With the UET Tag Helper

With Universal Event Tracking (UET) Bing Ads lets you track conversion goals and create remarketing lists using a UET tag you add to your webpages’ code. When set up correctly, UET tags are a powerful tool for helping you to reach your ROI goals.  However, it can be tricky to set them up which is why we’re introducing the UET Tag Helper.

UET Tag Helper is a Chrome browser extension that automatically validates Bing Ads UET tags on any webpage. The Tag Helper:

  • Validates UET tags in real-time
  • Let’s you know whether you implemented the UET tag correctly
  • Helps troubleshoot any common errors with the UET tag

You can install the UET Tag Helper from the Chrome web store here by clicking “Add to Chrome” and then “Add extension”.  Check out the following video for a visual, step-by-step overview on how to use the UET Tag Helper to troubleshoot your tags, and validate that they are set up correctly.

Alternatively, we invite you to visit this step-by-step guide and FAQ on UET Tag Helper here, and review working examples of UET Tag implementations on our UET examples website.

Want to review it all from start to finish?  Learn how UET can help you Track Sales and Conversions, and how to use remarketing to Reach your Audience.

And with that, add UET Tag Helper to Chrome today and check out your UET tags!

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