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Monthly budgets will migrate this April — are you ready?

As we announced a few months ago, we will migrate all monthly budgets to daily budgets in April 2017. By April 30, all Bing Ads entry points (Bing Ads online, Bing Ads Editor, API and Mobile Apps) will stop supporting monthly budgets for all markets.

Once your budgets are migrated, you will not be permitted to add or update monthly budgets.
We strongly recommend moving your campaign budgets to daily budgets before the forced migration to daily budgets takes place.

For the forced migration, all campaign level unshared monthly budgets will be converted to a daily budget as follows:
  • Monthly budget amount / 30.4 = Daily budget amount.

    • If the result of the division in the formula above results in a value below the minimum allowed campaign budget, it will be automatically set to the minimum value.
    • Delivery type will be set to “Accelerated” for daily budgets. A daily accelerated budget distributes your ad impressions across the entire month, showing your ads as quickly as appropriate each day until your daily budget is depleted.
If you had any Automated Rules that were associated with your monthly budgets, they will not be recreated with this migration. You will need to recreate the Automated Rules using daily budgets.

Any Shared Budgets you have implemented will remain the same, as they are all set as daily budgets. If you have not yet added Shared Budgets to your campaigns, we recommend you give them a try! With this migration of monthly budgets and the new ability to import Shared Budgets from AdWords, this is a great opportunity to start taking advantage of Shared Budgets and reducing the amount of your budget left unused. For more information, read our release announcement here.

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