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How Bing Ads Universal Event Tracking works with Yahoo Dot Tracking

IMPORTANT NOTE: This post was published several months ago; the information contained in it may no longer be accurate.  For the most current information on this topic, please visit the most recent blog post or the Help file.  


Since launching Universal Event Tracking (UET) in October, we’ve been hearing from some of our Yahoo-managed customers about how UET integrates with Yahoo’s tracking solution, Dot. We want to provide a quick overview of the differences, integration points and capabilities of each solution for your understanding and clarity

What is Universal Event Tracking (UET)?

Universal Event Tracking is a simple and powerful way to track conversion and website activity from your Bing Ads campaigns. The same tracking tag will also serve as a Remarketing tag, getting you ready for Remarketing in Paid Search – coming soon.  UET tags provide conversion tracking and remarketing on the Yahoo Bing Network and is a replacement for our Campaign Analytics solution.

What is Dot?

Dot is a single tag solution from Yahoo that enables event tracking across Yahoo Gemini, Audience Ads, and Premium Display Ads, as well as enables retargeting users and building custom audiences with Yahoo’s audience buying solution. Yahoo’s Dot tag in itself does not provide any tracking functionality (conversion and goal tracking or remarketing) for the Yahoo Bing Network.

How does Bing Ads’ Universal Event Tracking integrate with Dot?

UET can be contained (i.e. wrapped) within Dot.  The integration and compatibility of UET with Dot is treated like a container tag.  If a UET tag is placed within the Yahoo Dot tag, an advertiser will get both the benefits of Yahoo tracking and Yahoo Bing Network tracking. UET and Dot are separate entities and the management of each solution will take place in their respective interfaces.

How do I integrate UET with Dot?

Your Yahoo account team will make the backend connection to contain UET within Dot.  However, you will still be required to create goals and tags within Bing Ads.  Please reach out to your respective Yahoo account team for this implementation method, which is only available to our Yahoo managed customers. More details about how to integrate UET with Dot can be found here.

What are the ways I can implement Universal Event Tracking so I’m ready for Remarketing and so I can get tracking for my Bing Ads campaigns?

There are two potential ways an advertiser can implement UET and each has its pros and cons.

For more on tag management solutions, please refer to our FAQs.

Is it mandatory for me to implement Dot in order to receive tracking for my Bing Ads campaigns and be enabled for Remarketing?

No, UET tags provide conversion tracking and remarketing capabilities for Bing Ads. As long as you implement UET, you will receive all the benefits that UET provides.

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