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Bing Ads and You: Does your campaign need a lift?

As a part of Bing Ads customer outreach program, we have been assisting several greater Seattle based merchants adopt digital advertisement to grow their business and collect their feedback to improve Bing Ads.  MaternaLIFT, a company specializing in improving pregnant womens' comfort throughout their pregnancy, joined the program in November 2014 and has since experienced an increase in both sales and brand awareness. 

In this blog post series, we will share some tips and tricks based on what we learned from developing MaternaLIFT’s campaigns in an effort to give yours a lift as well.

About the customer

In 2009 Obstetric Physical Therapist, Kevin Hansen, P.T. and women’s fashion designer, Jessica St Marie founded a company to create a new generation of maternity support that would be both effective in helping pregnant women as well as comfortable to wear.  MaternaLIFT is the result of Kevin and Jessica’s three year design and refinement process. They have been successfully in selling MaternaLIFT in Kevin’s clinical office and joined the Bing Ads Customer Outreach Program to help grow MaternaLIFT sales through online marketing.

In their own words, here's what Kevin and Jessica had to say about their experience:

“The experience for us has been great, way beyond than we expected.  We were progressively impressed and surprised with the results, as the exposure to our product built-up and then turned into sales. The support and amount of information that this program has provided us has helped us understand better how to reach our market. We also have learned that with the advanced tools now available to the savvy online marketer, you can start out with a wide reach and then quickly narrow the focus of your marketing efforts into the channels that are providing you the most cost effective return.”

We started this project by teaming up with Kevin and Jessica to study their products and their business plan to make sure the four elements of digital advertising campaign -- audience, content, campaign and analytics -- were in place to meet the campaign goals (which we did in 2 months!).

Their audience

Identifying audience is the first step to creating any kind of advertising campaign.  Business owners should be able to vividly portray their main customers and put them in context, such as...

1)      Who they are (age, gender, demographic, needs).

2)      What their buying behaviors are.

3)      Why they choose your products instead of competitors’.

For MaternaLIFT, Kevin and Jessica were able to leverage their observation in Kevin’s clinical office to describe who their potential customers are, what motivates them to purchase MaternaLIFT and how they approach the purchase.


After knowing the target audience, the next step is to distribute relevant content to keep engaging with these potential customers in order to keep your brand and products top of mind. Many industry researches prove that relevant content builds trust, which can then foster sales.

Content creation might sound challenging for many local business owners given how many other priorities they're juggling, but the direct engagement with your customers on a daily basis gives you an upper hand in generating unique and valuable content. There is simply no substitute for having deep knowledge and understanding of what your customers love about your products, as well as what they're not all that thrilled about (which you can use to make improvements).

For MaternaLIFT, Kevin and Jessica have established a user-friendly, content-driven website to guide their visitors through the information gathering phase of the purchase journey. They regularly publish highly relevant posts by wrapping their product around customer context along with simple graphics to help their audience understand the product.


An effective campaign is all about leveraging your audience insights and unique value propositions to facilitate purchases for your target audience, with the goal of converting them into loyal customers through providing an exceptional user experience. In execution, keep these two consumer behaviors and their resulting implications in mind:

1.)      Most consumers use different devices to collect information from various channels to complete their purchases, multi-channel campaigns across various devices is a must have in the information era.

2.)      Established brands draw higher attention (i.e. higher CTR) and have an advantage (i.e. lower CPC) in search engine marketing campaigns (SEM); presenting unique offers to grow brand awareness is a must have.

For MaternaLIFT, we helped Kevin and Jessica convert their audience insights into their campaign’s targeting settings, transfer their marketing content into ad copies and leverage Bing Ads Campaign Planner to develop realistic budgets and goals.


Digital advertising is all about measurable outcomes, such as...

  • Campaign performance  – the effectiveness of your campaigns in reaching your target audience. Key performance indicators (KPIs) include: impressions, clicks, click through rate (CTR), cost per clicks (CPC).
  • Business impact – how your audience reacts to your website content and offers. KPIs include: bounce rate, average page per visit, conversions, cost per acquisition.

For analytics, be sure to implement Bing Ads Universal Event Tracking (UET) in order to connect those two views, which can help you better optimize campaign settings and drive a higher return on investment (ROI).  For MaternaLIFT, we helped Kevin and Jessica adopt UET to understand the nature of their traffic in the context of how users were exploring their website  information, buying products, how they arrived at the website (e.g. which keywords brought them there) and their value to build ROI positive campaigns.     

As a business owner engaged in digital advertising, it is crucial that you optimize in terms of target audience, content, campaign and analytics simultaneously in order to get the most out bang for your buck. In the upcoming posts, we will go over techniques and best practices for improving each one of these aspects of campaign optimization.

If you're interested in learning more about the program that MaternaLIFT particpated in, feel free to send an email of inquiry to tradeplaces (at) If you're new to Bing Ads and need some help to get your new campaigns firing on all cylinders, you can take advantage of our free coaching services for new advertisers.