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Introducing the Digital Marketing Center

Over the past few months, Microsoft Advertising has been piloting an exciting new platform we’ve built called Digital Marketing Center, a Microsoft Garage project. This is a way to help small and medium business owners manage their digital marketing across not just Microsoft Advertising, but also leading advertising and social media platforms like Google Ads, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
Digital Marketing Center provides you with a central platform to efficiently manage your online presence and marketing activities across paid search advertising, paid social advertising, and organic social media management. It’s currently free to use. You pay only for search and social ads and manage your social presence at no cost.
We’ve been piloting with a limited number of customers the last few months and have received very encouraging feedback, so we’re now ready to extend the invitation to additional businesses.

Product view of the Digital Marketing Center, Social tab.
View of the Digital Marketing Center, Social tab.

Product view of the Digital Marketing Center, Ads tab.
View of the Digital Marketing Center, Ads tab.​

What do you get with Digital Marketing Center?

AI-powered campaign management

  • No keywords or bid management needed — Set your advertising goals, targeting, and budget, and let Microsoft AI help with the rest. No need to research, monitor and optimize on keywords and bid manually.
  • Create multi-channel ads with text, images, and video You can be as hands-on with your ads as you like. Build original ads from scratch, use our automated ads, or modify ad copy suggestions with your own creative spin.
  • Budget optimization The Digital Marketing Center AI tools automatically distributes your budget across platforms to help getting the best return on investment.
  • Image ad suggestion — With Image ad suggestions, you can effortlessly create appealing Image ads by just picking from suggested ads.
  • Autocomplete ad text — While drafting ad copy, the autocomplete feature helps quickly come up with the messaging that resonates with your customers and aligns with your business.

End-to-end social media engagement

  • Seamlessly integrate Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to one central dashboard and manage up to 10 different profiles.
  • The social management inbox is your one-stop shop for liking, replying, and direct messaging on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Review key metrics like impressions, engagements, and audience growth all in one place.
Sound interesting to you? Visit our website to learn more. Digital Marketing Center is currently available for trial and feedback with select small businesses. If you’re interested in participating in this experiment, you can fill out this short, online questionnaire. You can also request early access to the insights, and the Digital Marketing Center team will be in touch.
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Meet the team

The Microsoft Advertising product team.
The Microsoft Advertising product team, Redmond, WA.