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Get started: Price Extensions in Microsoft Advertising Editor

Price Extensions are a pay-per-click extension that displays your products or services, along with their corresponding prices, to searchers. Utilizing them will add more value to key business information highlighted in extensions. We're bringing Price Extensions to Microsoft Advertising Editor so that you can now manage them in bulk. With Price Extensions, advertisers can directly show potential customers the product or service they want, when they’re looking for it, front and center on Bing search results. Clicks on Price Extensions can link to your website or a preferred third-party storefront like Amazon.

How do you get started?

Like other extensions, Price Extensions can be accessed in your Shared library, as below. To create this extension, you will need to provide details on the header, description, and price (including currency). 

Product view of the Microsoft Advertising Editor shared library.
Price extensions created in Shared Library.

Once you've created your extension, you can easily associate them to one or more ad groups in your campaign to start seeing them in action:

Product view of Microsoft Advertising Editor Campaigns section, with Price Extensions dialogue window.
To associate a Price Extension with an ad group (under Campaigns), use the Choose price extension dialogue.

Product view of Microsoft Advertising Editor campaigns, with associated Price Extensions.
Price Extensions associated with Summer campaign (on left).

Not only does this capability unlock bulk management of your Price Extensions, but you can also import them from Google Ads into Microsoft Advertising.

A few things to remember:

  • Prices used in Price Extensions must be available and visible on the landing page.
  • Like Sitelink Extensions, clicks on Price Extensions will be charged the same cost per click (CPC) as clicks on the ad headline.
  • Price Extensions can link to preferred third-party retailers.
  • Price Extensions serve on all devices and can be shown with other ad extensions, including Sitelink Extensions.
  • Description can't be duplicated in the header. For example, "Women's haircut" can't be used for both the header and the description.

Let us know your thoughts

For any questions or feedback regarding Price Extensions, we encourage you to explore our Price Extensions help page, reach out to your Microsoft Advertising account manager, or contact us directly at