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Upcoming changes to the Bing weapon policy

Beginning July 1, 2018, Bing will no longer allow ads for recreational guns such as BB guns, paintball guns, or air rifles. Also, we will no longer allow ads for accessories or devices that can be attached to weapons, used to create ammunition, or aid in the reloading process.  
Our policies already disallowed ads featuring firearms, integral weapon parts, and ammunition. The inclusion of additional weapon-related products will help bring more consistency to our ad network. This change will also help reduce confusion about products advertised. Many of the recreational type guns like air rifles look like real guns and consumers may be led to click on offers that are different than their expectations. Finally, this change responds to the feedback from Bing Ads publishers who have similar policies in place.   
This policy change won’t impact accessories that are not attachable to a weapon and do not aid in the reloading process – they will still be allowed. Some examples of these products include safety equipment like goggles, earplugs, gun safes, cleaning kits, holsters, and concealed carry clothing.  
For more information about this and other Bing policies or guidelines, please visit our policy site.