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Create Bing Shopping Campaigns more easily with the GMC Import tool

It is now easier than ever to get your Product Ads that are running in Google AdWords, onto Bing.  The Google Merchant Center (GMC) Import tool will help you:
  • Save time by reducing the need to maintain two separate feeds for Bing Ads and Google AdWords.
  • Import product offers more easily from GMC to Bing Merchant Center (BMC).
  • Keep product offers fresher across both platforms through scheduled importing of the feeds in BMC.
Start in the  Import tab in BMC. You’re required to sign in with your GMC account to start the import process, and the import tool supports both standard GMC accounts and multi-client accounts.

Import from Google Merchant Center log in for Bing Ads

Google Merchant center permission pop up for Bing Ads

The GMC Import’s scheduling capability includes daily, weekly, monthly and now options. Additionally, saved schedules can be changed by clicking Manage existing imports and editing the schedule.

Bing Ads GMC Import tool options screen
Lastly, for diagnostic purposes, the import status is reported on the Catalog summary page of the imported catalogs. This is also the place to see the imported feed processing results, giving you information on how many offers were approved versus rejected.

Catalog summary page for Bing Ads editor GMC Import
In summary, this tool is built to make it easier to create and maintain Bing Shopping Campaigns, so you can concentrate on optimizing your campaigns to connect to the people who matter to you through Bing Ads. Learn how to Import your Google Merchant Center product offers to Bing Merchant Center.

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