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Now live: Time saving improvements in Bing Ads Editor

We are excited to announce the availability of Bing Ads Editor version 10.8. This update makes campaign set up and management easier and more efficient through improvements in the copy/paste and import/export functions, providing fast access to reports with date range enhancements, as well as through improvements made to advanced bidding functionality, providing you with more options to optimize your bidding strategy.

If you haven’t already upgraded your existing version of Bing Ads Editor, you can do so (or install v10.8 for the first time) from the Download Center here.

App Extensions (US Only)

We’ve added a new ad extension to further enhance your ads: App extensions. App extensions allow you to enhance your ads with download links to your iOS, Android, or Windows app. You will be able to manage app extensions as shared library entities under the Shared Library tab, and associate these extensions to campaigns or ad groups under the Extensions tab. App Extensions work on smartphones, tablets, and PCs, and help you meet two goals at once — more traffic and more app installs!

bing ads editor

Note: Currently, this feature is available only for US advertisers.

Improved Copy/Paste

You can now select a campaign or ad group and create a copy of just the shell without the keywords or ads. The shell includes your campaign or ad group settings like language, device target, demographics and site exclusions. We have also added the ability to copy just the keyword text of the selected keywords to make it easier to paste in an editor like Excel. If you use the “Paste special” option, you can selectively paste different settings of the selected campaign or ad group.

bing ads editor

bing ads editor

Advanced Bid Changes Enhancements

We have improved the “Advanced Bid Changes” feature to make it easier to bulk update your ad group and keyword bids. You now have the ability to use the recommended bid estimates as the new value for your keyword bids or to use them as constraints to avoid setting your keywords bids to any value lower than the estimates.

bing ads editor

Import/Export Improvements

You now have the ability to export the campaign or ad group that is currently selected from the left hand navigation tree using the ‘Export current campaign/ad group’ option under file menu. You will also be able to export all the rows in the current grid to a file using the ‘Export current view’ option.

bing ads editor

Advanced Reporting Capabilities

We have added more performance metrics that can be viewed as columns, including Revenue and ROAS (Revenue on Ad Spend). 

bing ads editor

In addition, you now have the ability to choose the particular campaigns and ad groups for which you want to download performance metrics.

bing ads editor

Finally, we will save up to five custom date ranges in the View Statistics drop down for easy access later.

Download Editor 10.8

If you haven’t already, you can expect to see a prompt to upgrade to 10.8 when you launch your Bing Ads Editor. You can also download the latest version from the BAE download page right away.

We will continue to listen, so please keep the feedback coming on the Feature Suggestion Forum, Twitter, or email Bing Ads Feedback.

Thank you!