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Bing Ads Academy - Share of voice report

The Share of Voice report shows you the impressions we estimate you're losing out on, and possibly losing to your competitors, because of your budget, keyword bids, keyword relevance, landing page relevance, or current position on the Bing and Yahoo search results pages.

The Share of Voice report can be found in the reports tab, as part of the performance reports.


The report is run at keyword level and provides you with the details you need to pinpoint exactly where you should focus your optimisation efforts.


By expanding Choose your columns you are able to select additional columns of data you would like to add to the report. These columns include, Bid Match Type, Delivered Match Type, Keyword Relevance, Landing Page Relevance and Landing Page User Experience.

Once you have run your report, your report will include the impression share loss data as well as the performance data (Impressions, Clicks, CTR, Avg. CPC, Spend and Avg. Position). The impression share data is split in the report into total impression share, impression share lost to budget, impression share lost to rank, impression share lost to landing page relevance, impression share lost to keyword relevance and impression share lost to bid.


Once you have pulled the report you can graph the results to provide you with an easy-to-view snapshot of the data in the report.


By graphing the data in a 100% stacked column chart you can see where the lion’s share of the impressions are being lost, and therefore where you should spend your time first.

Optimising Impressions lost due to Budget, Bids and Rank 

If your keywords are losing impressions due to budget or bids you can then make the decision of whether to increase them. Bing Ads will tell you if your campaigns budgets are insufficient for the traffic available and by selecting the button highlighted below, will even suggest a budget to help you capitalise on available traffic.


Bing Ads will do the same for your bids when they are insufficient to reach the first page. Again by selecting the button next to the ‘Below first page bid’ status you will see a suggested first page bid for your keyword.


Maintaining your rank is key in search advertising - we tend to see that the majority of traffic comes through the top 3 positions and the first page of results, so if you are losing impression share to your competitors through rank it may be worth bidding a little bit higher, and reaching those top 3 positions.

Optimising for Impression Share lost to Keyword and Landing Page Relevance 

If your keyword relevance is causing a loss in impression share, we would recommend you go through and review the keywords, and ad copy related to those keyword. You may find that they don’t work as well together as you may have first thought, and you can then make changes to the ads to ensure they work better with the ad – for example including the keyword in the ad title, ad copy and display URL, and also utilising Dynamic Keyword Insertion. It is also worthwhile reviewing your keyword match types and your negative keywords. Could you be matching to keywords that aren’t relevant to your ad and website? The Search Terms Report within Bing Ads will help you to understand what keywords your broad and phrase match keywords are matching to.

If it is your Landing Page Relevance that is losing you impressions you need to review how well your keywords match to their landing pages. Each landing page should represent your keyword perfectly, for example if your keyword is red roses make sure you are using a landing page that showcases your offer on red roses, and even better any discounts/offers you have on red roses.

Keyword Relevance and Landing Page Relevance are both additional columns that can be added to the Keyword Performance Report. By adding these columns to the Keyword Performance Report, you can see your score for Keyword and Landing Page Relevance. Keyword Relevance is scored out of 3, with 3 being the highest and Landing Page Relevance is scored out of 2, with 2 being the highest. Both Keyword Relevance and Landing Page Relevance impact your keywords Quality Score, so it’s important to make sure they are as high as they should be.

By working on these particular areas and correcting any areas of concern, you should then see an increase in the number impressions you receive. We recommend checking this report every couple of months to ensure you are always receiving your share of impressions, particularly when you have uploaded new keywords and/or ads into your account.

Next up in the Bing Ads Academy blog series, we will go through the Quality Score and the Quality Impact Report, helping you to understand Quality Score and how to improve it.