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Add Bing Ads Accredited Professionals to your Spring Cleaning List


We all may be spending a bit more time inside lately as spring seems to be making a fashionably late entrance which only means there is more time for what many of us love do this time of year, SPRING CLEANING! Wikipedia defines spring cleaning as: The most common usage of spring cleaning refers to the yearly act of cleaning a house from top to bottom which would take place in the first warm days of the year typically in spring, hence the name.

As in top to bottom, inside out…it’s time to get things back in order, including getting renewed for Bing Ads Accredited Professionalprogram! Many of you have taken the exam around this time of year in the past so it’s time to check this off your spring cleaning list. Quite a bit has happened since a year ago for the program so we have compiled a list for you below to get the low down.

Updates of Bing Ads Accredited Professionalprogram since last June:

  • New markets: We are now live in the following markets & languages:
    • English in United States, United Kingdom, Canada, India
    • German in Germany
    • French in France
    • Brazilian Portuguese in Brazil
    • Coming soon we will also include Spanish in Spain and our LATAM site and Italian in our Italy site. Stay tuned!
  • Text based training: We’ve moved away from video trainings and replaced them with training you can access anywhere. We now offer 29 topics such as Choosing Keywords, Writing an Effective Ad, Target Ads, and more. We have moved to text based training to create efficiencies to ensure we can get our training content to you as quick as possible and to allow you to have more options to train! View them online, print them to review later or use our social media bar at the bottom of the page to share them via Facebook, Twitter, and email.
  • Video: Watch our new video for an overview of the program, benefits of being a member, and tips on getting started.
  • New exam and platform: We’ve updated our exam to reflect our training updates. This includes 100 updated exam questions and a new feedback question that allows you to offer your exam feedback. We have also moved our questions to a new exam platform that is considerably easier for to use. Enjoy!
  • New program benefits: Now once you are accredited you can print out your very own Bing Ads Accredited Professional certificate! On top of that we have also added a language filter in our Find a Pro directory. As a member you can add languages you or your agency support and as customer looking for a pro they can easily search by the languages they need their campaigns in.

Don’t let dust settle on your membership, be sure to get renewed today to continue enjoying being an Accredited Professional. Below are the easy steps to get renewed!

  1. Review the updated 29 training modules.
  2. Pass the exam.
    Take the 100-question exam, and score at least 80 percent to achieve accredited status.
  3. Enjoy the member benefits.
    Accredited members can:
  • Use our official badge in your marketing materials, including your website.
  • Print the certificate that confirms your accreditation.
  • Get listed in the Find a Pro Directory to connect with potential clients.
  • Enjoy industry recognition in the Accredited Professional Membership Directory.

Get started now– happy Spring Cleaning! :-)

Christen Anderson – Bing Ads Accredited Professional Global Lead