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SMX Next: Conference recap

SMX Next Conference, A virtual event for tech-driven search marketing.
This year, the Search Marketing Expo (SMX) went all digital with their annual summer conference and rebranded it SMX Next: A Virtual Event For Tech-Driven Search Marketing. It took place on June 23 and June 24 and we had the good fortune of being able to present 3 sessions which are now all available on demand. And the best part is that registration is free.

Over the course of two days speakers from around the world presented actionable tactics to drive more traffic, leads and sales, and taught attendees how emerging technology and advancements in search platforms are changing what it means to be a tactical and effective search marketer.

Here’s a look at the Microsoft Advertising led sessions:

Chatting with Microsoft: Looking to the future

Steve Sirich, the General Manager of Microsoft Advertising, leads the Microsoft Advertising Marketing team and has been deeply involved in the evolution of the advertising platform as marketing and consumer behaviors themselves have evolved. In this session, Ginny Marvin and Steve discuss where search and digital marketing are headed, the opportunities for brands to "connect through purpose," what future product updates for Microsoft Advertising look like, and more.

Digital marketing strategies for uncertain times

Christi Olson, the Head of Evangelism for Microsoft Advertising, tells us that now is the time to evolve your search marketing to adapt to the changes in consumer behavior and the search landscape. It’s business as “unusual”... because while some counties and states have reopened and are operating in the new state of normal, others are still closed and yet others are still seeing a peak in COVID19 cases. This means that we must be nimble and adjust PPC campaigns based on what’s happening regionally, utilizing the new features and ad extensions within Microsoft Advertising.

Advertising in a stay-at-home economy

Matthew Mack, Microsoft Advertising Analytical Lead, discusses how COVID-19-related self-quarantines have accelerated a number of trends already underway, one being the shift of print and TV media budgets to digital channels. With consumers increasingly at home and device-adjacent, search advertising has been one of the most durable and successful channels for reaching new customers.

Register now to view any of these, or any of the other insightful SMX Next sessions on demand.

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