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Managing multiple publishers with Smart Sync from Marin Software

marin software smart syncMarin Software recently published a blog post, The Smartest Way to Advertise on Multiple Publishers. In it, author Hoiling Wong advises advertisers to diversify ad spend across multiple publishers because doing so not only helps you reach new audiences, but also provides the benefit of lower costs per click that comes with a less competitive marketplace.

In addition to extolling the virtues of why it's important to branch out to other platforms, the post also makes a convincing argument in favor of using Marin Software's Smart Sync to replicate your original campaigns in other platforms, as well as keeping them seamlessly synced up. From the original post:

"Platforms like Marin with Smart Sync allow you to pair objects in Google with other advertisers such as Bing. By selecting an object to pair, Smart Sync automatically copies the parent object in Google into Bing (the child object) – with a simple click of a button. Additionally, any changes that get made to the parent object in Google are automatically synced with the child object. This way, you’re essentially only managing the parent object in Google, but getting the added benefit of advertising on multiple publishers."

To learn more about Smart Sync from Marin Software, check out the full post on their site, or if you're free from 9am to 10am PDT on July 15th, sign up for the free webinar.