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Changes to Content Ads coming in August

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UPDATE 11/12/15: As of November, Bing Ads no longer serves content ads through Windows Media. Content Ads are only available in apps for Windows Phone and Windows.

UPDATE 7/28/15: Please note that we will begin to ramp down traffic from content ads on Microsoft, Yahoo and our network of partner sites beginning August 1st.  You may continue to receive traffic in the subsequent days after August 1st as we remove content ads on Microsoft, Yahoo and our network of partner sites. 

Bing Ads Content Ads give search advertisers a way to extend their reach to potential customers who are browsing websites or in apps. Content Ads are text ads displayed next to content on Microsoft and Yahoo websites, across our network of partner sites and in apps for Windows and Windows Phone.

Starting August 1st, Bing Ads will no longer serve Content Ads on Microsoft, Yahoo and our network of partner websites.  However, Bing Ads will continue to serve Content Ads through Windows Media and in apps for Windows Phone and Windows. Advertisers should see little to no impact to the overall clicks and spend in their Bing Ads account with this change.  Content Ads represent a small portion (less than 2%) of the total network traffic available through Bing Ads.

Here at Bing Ads, we’re committed to providing high quality traffic to our customers.  We’ve made large investments in developing sophisticated marketplace algorithms, a suite of rich ad products and robust reporting and tools that make Bing Ads a world-class platform. Innovations like the integration of Bing into Windows 10 and new syndication partnership deals will continue to grow the volume powered by Bing. Deprecating Content Ads on web properties is a part of our constant effort to optimize the supply we have in order to deliver great ROI for our advertisers.