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Bing Ads Continues to Heat Up with Increased Clicks, New Features and More

Here at Bing Ads, we focus on one thing: delivering more value for you, our advertising customers, and doing so on a global scale. As we enter our new fiscal year, our progress and releases over the last year reflect that focus with even more customer-centric features coming up this summer. Before we jump into what’s coming up, let’s take a look at some of the numbers that reflect the progress we’re making:

Delivering Value, Coupled with Global Scale

  • Our clicks are up by 30% -- nearly a third -- in the past year. Mobile clicks are up 133%, a reflection of both the huge growth in that segment as well as our efforts to help our advertisers target mobile users.
  • Delivering ad formats, like Sitelink and Location Extensions, driving higher click volume for our advertisers across more global markets. Global readiness is part of our release rigor to ensure all advertisers get the most return out of their investment with us.
  • We’ve expanded our coverage to 35 countries, with our launch in Hong Kong and Taiwan last winter, bringing us an expanded footprint on five continents. We have also seen immediate growth in cross border campaigns for English speaking markets and anticipate continued opportunities for advertisers.
  • We’ve delivered more than 100 new features across all markets in the past year with emphasis on mobile, as well as cross-device capabilities like the update of Call Extensions. Our goal is to create consumer experiences that enable advertiser success.
  • We have experienced double digit revenue-per-search growth over the past year, and remain 200% committed to our partnership with Yahoo.
  • Our continued engagements with advertisers globally through product advisory groups, agency meetings and the deeper technology conversations with the tool providers – enable our teams to listen, and deliver, against top requests more efficiently.

Delivering Features Advertisers Want

This is a long-term game for Bing Ads.  We continue to listen to you, our customers, and make changes based on your requests. Many of our ad formats are now available in more global markets than before, providing advertisers incremental volume and clicks for their business. We continue to work to simplify your needs, making it easier to do business with us by providing more tools, reports and capabilities to complement your marketing investments.  

And we are not stopping there.  We’re going to keep driving forward to deliver more value from Bing Ads -- here’s a preview of what you can expect from us in the coming months.

  • The ability to manage many more key words within the Bing Ads UI. This has been a top request from advertisers, and we’ve worked hard to make it happen. We’ve recently scaled up to 100,000 keywords, and anticipate the ability to manage 1 million key words by the end of this year.
  • Enabling advertisers with the availability of digitally created and managed insertion orders to help save time and increase efficiencies, especially for agencies who manage a number of accounts.
  • Enhanced ad formats and more precise targeting capabilities. This includes building on our current Sitelink Extensions to offer a richer ad experience, and offering day/time and zip code targeting to help advertisers reach more specific audiences.
  • Improvements in reporting speed. Once taking up to four hours, now advertisers will be able to see performance reports within 30 minutes – and we will continue investments in this area. This reduction in latency helps advertisers via their bidding platforms to make more informed and effective business decisions.

Creating New Opportunities with Bing

Just as Bing Ads brings advertisers new opportunities through smarter tools and capabilities, Microsoft is rolling out visionary products that build on Bing as the decision engine. The one you might be the most aware of is Cortana, the new digital assistant that gives the Bing platform a powerful new ally. Bing also has developed a new capability called “interests.” Consumers who tell Bing about their interests will see personalized news, weather, flights, stocks, and more directly on the Bing homepage, making a great search experience even better.

These experiences are possible only due to Bing’s commitment to the open web, as well as partnerships with Foursquare, Yelp, Trip Advisor, OpenTable, Netflix, Facebook, and others. Apple’s recent decision to further incorporate Bing in their product set demonstrates the promise of Bing in the marketplace.

With new, integrated touch points across Bing, Windows and with Cortana, Microsoft is ultimately creating new opportunities for marketers to engage with their target customers, bringing more value for their business.

The Months Ahead

You can see why I’m so pleased with the direction we’re headed. Our last fiscal year resulted in significant progress across the business and on the platform and this coming year will be no different. We will continue to deliver against key advertiser requests, but with even more rigor and focus than ever before. In addition, new opportunities on Bing will provide advertisers more ways to engage, connect and target their customers.

In preparation for the holiday season, and if you haven’t already, we hope you’ll try some of the features we’ve either added, improved or scaled to meet your business needs and keep an eye open for the great changes that are just ahead.