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The Art and Science of Conversion Tracking on Bing Ads webcast Q&A

Today some of the questions you asked during The Art and Science of Conversion Tracking are being answered. This webcast (now available on-demand) explores how conversion tracking on Bing Ads can help you better measure impact, enable great new features, and help improve broad match and syndication performance.

Q: When will you have a fix for the impact of Apple's Intelligent Tracking Prevention?

A: We have implemented a fix for Apple's Intelligent Tracking Prevention by leveraging the MS Click ID via auto-tagging.  In the URL options of the shared library in the Bing Ads UI, you can enable auto-tagging and it will automatically append the unique click ID to the URL when a user clicks on an ad. This allows us to still track conversions back to the ad click.

Q: How can I get my Google Analytics conversion goals to show in Bing Ads? I already have tracking set up through analytics and would rather import them instead of adding UET on top for tracking.

A: We currently do not have the ability to import goals from Google so you will need to set them up in the Bing Ads UI

Q: We've seen fewer conversions over the past month or so on mobile.  Are there any known issues with conversion tracking?

A: In order to make sure you're tracking every conversion, enable auto-tagging in the URL options of the shared library so that the MS Click ID is added to your URLs.

Q: Do you have a registry of Bing PPC experts to hire from?

A: In fact, we do, and you're able to search by desired services, verticals, or locations. Search our partner directory here.

Q: We're an online retailer and have used Bing Ads for a while now but want to be able to report our profits to key stakeholders. To do this, we need to be able to export our order IDs from Bing. Is there a way for us to do this?

A: We do not have the ability to pass through custom parameters. However, if your order ID is strictly numerical, you could pass it on as a revenue value as a way to get it to appear in reporting.

Q: Is there a way to track when a customer clicks through from our website to a 3rd party application website (e.g. submits an auto loan application or membership application)? Is this an available option to set up as a “Custom event” or possibly set up as a destination URL UET tag?

A: You can track this either by having a custom event set for the button that takes them to the 3rd party site, or you can also utilize offline conversions if you don't capture your revenue until after the user leaves your site.

Q: When using Google Tag Manager, is that a Java or non-Java script tag? I'm trying to utilize custom events and it states that I must edit the tag.

A: The custom event is a javascript tag.  Here is a blank template you can use:
window.uetq = window.uetq || [];   window.uetq.push({ 'ec':'CAETORGY', 'ea':'ACTION', 'el':'LABEL', 'ev':VALUE, 'gv':<ENTER REVENUE VARIABLE>});
Replace the category, action, label, or value with what you have set up in the goal settings. Only one of the four is required and you can delete the variables you are not using.

Q: Are there extensions to test and validate the UET and events are firing correctly that you recommend using?

A: We have a Chrome extension that you can use.

Q: In regard to custom events - are these the same events that can be seen through Google Analytics or are they custom made for Bing UET?

A: The custom events are specifically tailored for Bing, but they are able to connect with Google Analytics

Q: Does the auto tagging work with third party tracking codes in the tracking URL?

A: Yes.

Q: We have two Bing accounts under the same login for two divisions of the same company. How does UET work with this? Do we need two JAVA scripts? Should we select "across all accounts”?

A: UET tags are tied to the customer ID so if both accounts are under the same customer ID then you will only need one tag and you can use it for both.
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