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My online valentine: search, shopping and the gift of tech

Did you know 30 percent of all Valentine’s Day shoppers wait until the last minute, all the way up to February 14?1 This is where the Bing Network comes to the rescue on multiple devices (PC/tablet, mobile) to quickly get the buying done. Our complete Bing Ads Valentine’s Day 2017 Insights Presentation will Be There to support you with Valentine’s Day planning. 
Cupid’s in the cart – online search and shopping
While Valentine’s Day search volume is split almost evenly between desktop/tablet and mobile,2 the Bing Network’s Valentine’s Day search queries show that desktop searches are most common for handmade and branded gifts, romantic staples and well-known chain restaurants.3 On the other hand, mobile search was most popular for well-kept surprises — like jewelry and engagement rings, last-minute gifts and online groceries for day-of romantic meal preparation.4 As searchers walk away from their desktops to be with their valentines, mobile searches surpass PC/tablet on the big day with 55 percent of searches.5

Be There with multiple ad extensions to drive engagement with mobile search ads. Mobile ads with Sitelink Extensions have shown to increase click-through rates by up to 20 percent.6 Also, Bing Shopping Campaigns put Valentine’s Day searchers closer to a purchase decision with visually engaging ad formats that include images and take up more SERP real estate. In fact, when From You Flowers enabled Bing Shopping Campaigns and Sitelink Extensions6, online orders grew 603 percent from 2011-2015. When paired with Remarketing in Paid Search, Bing Shopping Campaigns for Valentine’s Day improved in conversion rates from 1.53 percent to 7.76 percent. 

Love comes and goes – The last-minute holiday
Valentine’s Day has less ramp-up time than other holidays, with 46 percent of shoppers searching and purchasing just two weeks beforehand.7 Bing Network data shows that the last week leading up to Valentine’s Day will get you the most clicks for your ad spend. Click volume peaks February 7–14, while the click-through rate (CTR) remains relatively stable throughout the season.8 Cost per click (CPC) decreases until February 11, indicating that competition increases in the last three days leading up to Valentine’s Day. 

Be There by keeping an eye on your ad budget using Keyword Planner during the week before Valentine’s Day to make sure you don’t run out of funds. Also, the best times to advertise are weekdays. CTRs are highest on weekdays, while CPCs are lowest.

The heart wants … smartphones

Smartphones are the most wished-for item, but most people are gifting the traditional candy, cards and flowers.9 Put ads for smartphones at top of mind. Schedule smartphone ads in the last week of January for Valentine’s Day sales, as CPCs drop until January 31 while CTRs remain relatively steady.10

Be There with the right words. Ad copy performs best when unbranded terms related to cellphone and phone plans are used in ad titles. Align your description to what your audience is searching for by using dynamic keyword insertion, and include words related to free or online phone plans to further boost interest.
For more digital insights and strategies for Valentine’s Day search advertising, download the complete Bing Ads Valentine’s Day 2017 Insights Presentation, and get customers to shop in the name of love. To access our entire library of seasonal and vertical insights, visit the Bing Ads Insights portal.
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