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Kroger & Microsoft PromoteIQ: The future of commerce marketing

As Kroger’s retail media business — Kroger Precision Marketing (KPM) — continues to rapidly scale, the team at KPM wanted to expand the campaign insight capabilities available to brands running marketing campaigns through their program. Kroger recognized that most retail media programs typically only provide brands with a limited set of campaign performance metrics. Accordingly, Kroger recognized that by providing superior insight into attributable sales impact, Kroger could offer something powerful and differentiated to brands.

Today, powered by the Microsoft PromoteIQ commerce marketing platform, KPM is rolling out a new capability that enables brands to track in-store and online sales results attributed to specific advertising campaigns running across Kroger’s digital properties. Kroger applies only 100 percent verified transactions from both in-store and online customers.

To deliver this powerful new capability, the team at KPM leveraged the Microsoft PromoteIQ commerce marketing platform, which currently powers a variety of sponsored product ads on Kroger websites and mobile apps. Kroger leveraged its customer loyalty program and data science from KPM, to provide a clear link between online browsing and offline shopping behavior. Whether the purchase is made in-store with cash or online via credit card, brands are now able to track shopper impact of their ad campaigns all the way through to purchase. As a result, marketers can now better understand campaign performance and optimize media investment against true return on ad spend. This difference provides KPM with a powerful differentiator in the rapidly growing retail media space.

“The digital advertising world is plagued with inaccurate data,” stated Cara Pratt, Vice President, Commercial and Product Strategy for Kroger Precision Marketing at 84.51°. “It has forced marketers to ask tough questions about their media choices. KPM has vowed to be a transparent and accountable media partner to CPGs and Microsoft PromoteIQ has been an important addition for us to do that. We have the best data, the right expertise, and the tools to measure business impact.”

“Commerce marketing is the future for retailers looking to create powerful new high-margin revenue streams that can fund innovation across their business,” said Alex Sherman, co-founder of PromoteIQ. “But we know that competition for vendor marketing dollars is intensifying and it is increasingly critical for retailers to be able to demonstrate value from these campaigns in terms of incremental sales online and offline. We’re thrilled to be working with KPM to help deliver a superior program that empowers Kroger vendors and brand partners.”