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Explore new Product Group capabilities for Shopping Campaigns

With the start of the new year, we’re excited to announce new Shopping Campaign functionalities — improved Product Groups within the campaign user interface and Product Group management using Microsoft Advertising Scripts. These improvements will save you time when managing your Shopping Campaigns, give you enhanced visibility into account performance when making Product Group changes, and make it easy to automate bid changes. You’ve been asking for these improvements and we’re eager to share the details of these new tools.

Improved Product Groups

We’ve redesigned our Product Groups experience to enable advertisers to filter, sort and pivot Product Groups in a new “list view,” make bulk changes faster, enable percentage-based bid changes, and view side-by-side performance data when subdividing Product Groups. These changes will be rolling out to all Shopping Campaign advertisers over the next few weeks.
Let’s take a look at each of the improvements.

The list view

Product view of product groups in new list view.
Viewing your Product Groups in the new list view.

One of the most important aspects of the new list view is the ability to view your Product Groups across an entire account, campaign, or ad group. With the traditional “hierarchy view,” you can only view Product Groups within a specific ad group. Furthermore, when utilizing the list view you can filter your Product Groups based on name, bid, or specific performance metrics.

Product view of filtering capabilities on the product groups tab.
Filtering capabilities in the list view on the Product Groups tab.

Make bulk changes faster

Now with the ability to quickly filter your Product Groups based on bids, it’s easy to make bulk changes across an account, campaign, or ad group. We’ve also added the ability to make percentage-based updates to Product Groups. You can easily edit bids by an increasing or decreasing percentage and include a maximum bid threshold.

Product view of interface for editing multiple bids.
You can easily edit bids for multiple Product groups.

Informing Product Group subdivision

The magic of Product Groups is their flexibility. You decide how you want to slice and dice your product inventory, view reporting, track business objectives, and ultimately inform your bidding decisions. To aid in this process, we’ve integrated performance data into Product Group subdivisions. Seeing how certain categories are currently performing can be immensely helpful in deciding how to setup your groups.

Product view of interface showing performance data.
There are many flexible ways to view your performance data.

All of these improvements will save you time and make it easier to view performance of your Product Groups and make bulk changes to bids and Product Group divisions.

Product Group management now available with Scripts

In addition to all the Product Group improvements we’ve already outlined, we’ve added Scripts as another method to save you time as you manage your Shopping Campaigns. Scripts give you the ability to automate Shopping Campaign bid changes.

Here’s a quick scenario to outline one way you can leverage Scripts to help manage your Shopping Campaign bids:

Your Shopping Campaigns have multiple Product Groups inside each campaign. As you monitor the performance of these Products Groups, you see there is a need to increase bids associated with better performing Product Groups which will help the associated ads gain more traffic and maximize ROI. You come up with the following filters for successful Product Groups:
  • Clicks > 100
  • Click Through Rate > 5%
Before, you had to manually monitor the Product Groups performance, take a note of the successful Product Groups, and manually update the bids. With the new support within Scripts, this task can easily be automated by writing a simple script that runs on a schedule. This is an example script for the scenario mentioned above:

Sample code for monitoring product groups performance.
Example of a script used to monitor Product Groups performance. Click here to view and copy sample script.
In the event the filtering criteria changes, you just modify a couple of values and you’re set up for success. You now have control over navigating the Product Group hierarchy and modifying bids based on different conditions aligning with business scenarios.

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