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Use a single username and password with Multi-user access

When working among several accounts and customer shells, managing and keeping track of multiple usernames can cause a lot of friction for you and your business. Multi-account management in Bing Ads improved with Multi-Linking last fall, and now there’s a new way for you to save time when managing multiple accounts. With Multi-user access, you can use one email address and password to access all your Bing Ads customers, helping you to manage multiple accounts simply and achieve more with Bing Ads.

What does Multi-user access allow me to do?

  • Manage one email address and password for all accounts. This means no need to manage multiple email addresses and passwords anymore.
  • Switch between customers with ease. You can go from one customer shell to another all from one email address and password.  
  • Add customers at any time. When you’re invited to access new customer shells, you can use your existing email address and password to add them.  
multiple user access screenshotaccounts available for user login screenshot
-View information about all the customers you have access to
-Manage your defaults
-Remove access to any customer
-Select a customer to view in drop-down menu (right) 

How can I take advantage of Multi-user access?

If you currently manage multiple user names to access Bing Ads accounts, you'll need to contact your Account Manager or contact support to consolidate access.
Otherwise, you can gain multi-user access by accepting user invitations from others or by using your current user name to create new and separate Bing Ads accounts. You may find that setup useful if you're an agency that wants to keep separate accounts per client, but you also want to give individual clients their own user names to access Bing Ads for visibility and transparency.
For more information on managing your user name to access multiple accounts, see the help documentation here.
If you consolidate access into one user name for multi-user access, you’ll still need to use your old user name with tool providers and for API access, as Bing Ads API Version 11 does not support multi-user credentials across multiple customers. Starting with Bing Ads API Version 12 the multi-user credentials can access accounts across multiple customers. Learn more about Customer Accounts in Bing Ads API here.

This feature may not yet be available for advertisers who leverage a Tool Provider platform to manage their campaigns. For more information regarding multi-user feature support and timelines, please reach out directly to your Technology Provider representative.
We hope this capability allows you to manage your multiple accounts much more smoothly, and be on the lookout for more announcements in multi-account management coming soon!

Contact us

Please ping us on Twitter with any questions or comments. Our multi-account management efforts are a direct result of your input, so we encourage you to keep submitting ideas on our Feature Suggestion Forum to let us know how we can keep making Bing Ads better.