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Labels for Dynamic Search Ads now available in Bing Ads Editor

We announced Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) in Bing Ads Editor back in October of last year.  To now help you manage your Dynamic Search Ads more efficiently, we are pleased to share that labels have become available in Bing Ads Editor.

What are Dynamic Search Ads?

Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) are a new campaign type which helps dramatically reduce time spent in initial setup and day-to-day management, while simultaneously identifying and capitalizing on new queries and sources of revenue for your business.  Learn more about how DSA can help enhance your advertising with Bing Ads.

Labels for Dynamic Search Ads in Bing Ads Editor

With this release, you can add shared labels to your Dynamic Search Ads. This allows you to organize your Dynamic Search Ads in a way that is meaningful to you, helping you manage your campaigns more efficiently. For example, if you want to be able to quickly pause and activate Dynamic Search Ads related to promotional offers on a regular basis, you can create a shared label called “Promotions” and associate it with all your promotion related DSA’s. Later, when you need to activate or pause these ads, you can simply filter on the “Promotions” label from Advanced Search and change their status in bulk.
 Screenshot showing how to add shared labels to Dynamic Ad Search

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