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Announcing The Art and Science of Search + TV Webcast

How do TV commercials impact search volume? Should I bid on branded and/or non-branded search terms related to my commercial? Are my competitors bidding on search terms related to my commercial? What are people searching for when they search for my commercial? Can I still leverage the power of search and TV even if I don't run commercials?​

​ Bing Ads studied TV commercials aired during the most watched live TV event of the year - a championship football game where viewers stay glued to their seats during the commercial breaks – to help find the answers to these questions. Let's call it "the Big Game."

​Join MJ DePalma, Sr. Global Channel Marketing Manager, along with Ryan Lee, Bing Ads Program Manager, and special guest speaker Eliott Reilhac, CEO of TVTY, on February 28th, 2017 at 11AM PST as they explore the Big Game research mentioned above and the ways advertisers can take advantage of the opportunities to help you use paid search to leverage the buzz TV commercials create.

The Art of Advertiser Science is a monthly webcast series where we uncover the science behind running top digital marketing campaigns. We share results from our own tests and experiences, along with research from the Bing Ads Advertiser Science team. We also include insights from industry experts and compelling customer stories. Let’s face it, pay per click marketing is a daily practice and as digital marketers we know you need the latest tips and tricks to keep your skills sharp. So join us as we tackle insightful data, complex concepts, tough questions and new discoveries and share our knowledge with you.

So register now for our next live webcast, The Art and Science of Search + TV, and learn how you can take advantage of the opportunities TV commercials create for search engine marketers.