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New in Apps: Share of Voice; now iPad/tablet optimized

The Bing Ads iOS and Android apps have become a popular choice amongst our advertisers who need to check campaign performance, update bids and budget, and stay notified of when their automated rules run when they're not in front of their desktop.  Along with a fresh new look in 2016, we're excited to share some new additions to these mobile apps today, making them the perfect companion for those of you constantly on the go.

New! See your impression share visually (and quickly)

Your Bing Ads iOS and Android app now includes a convenient pie chart visualization of your campaigns' Share of Voice. Your Share of Voice data is important to examine because it details the percentage of ad impressions you may be losing to competitors or other factors. Check it out on the Dashboard screen under the performance graph and tap the Share of Voice tile to get a more colorful breakdown of your impression share. 

Traditionally a report that you would run from the Reports tab in Bing Ads Web, the pie chart gives you a much more simplistic rollup at the account level. It is easier to see visually where your campaigns are falling short and where you can make improvements later on. Swipe through the carousel to see how each statistic contributed to your lost impression pie or tap an individual stat to focus more in.

Below is a more detailed breakdown of the impression Share of Voice statistics provided in the apps. We invite you to learn more about using the Share of Voice report here

Performance statistic What it is
Impression share

The estimated percentage of impressions, out of the total available impressions in the market you were targeting.

Example: Out of estimated 59,000 impressions that occurred on this day in your targeted market, you got only about 2,300, or 3%.

Lost due to rank The estimated percentage of impressions your ads did not receive due to issues with your ad ranking.
Lost due to expected CTR The estimated percentage of impressions your ads did not receive due to issues with expected click-through rate.
Lost due to budget The estimated percentage of impressions your ads did not receive due to issues with your campaign's daily or monthly budget.
Lost due to bids

The estimated percentage of impressions your ads did not receive due to issues with your keyword bids.

Example: Your keyword bids are low, and not competing well in the auction marketplace.

Lost to ad relevance The estimated percentage of impressions your ads did not receive due to issues with ad relevance scores.

Understand how competitive you are using Quality Score

We've now surfaced this metric on the campaigns, ad groups and ads grids. Bing Ads calculates how competitive your ads are in the search marketplace by measuring the relevance of your keywords, ads, and landing pages to your audience with its Quality Score metric. Quality Score is a weighted value between 1 (underperforming) and 10 (outperforming) used by advertisers to track the performance of changes they make to their ad copy and landing page to make them more relevant to their target audience. Learn more about Quality score in depth.

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Do and see more using your iPad and Android tablet

We are always refining and improving your experience in Bing Ads to enable you to do more in less time. We understand that screen real estate is super important, especially for an increasing number of you multi-tasking between browser tabs and tools across multiple monitors. Within that spirit, we've stepped up our game with optimized views for iPad and Android tablet devices running Bing Ads. Now you can see more data in the campaign grid and our visualizations look even more stunning on the larger displays. As more advertisers utilize tablet devices on the road and in the board room, rest assured we'll also be making improvements based on your feedback.

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Tell us what you think

We plan to continue adding new visualizations in the upcoming months to help paint a picture of how your campaigns are doing. What would you like to see next in our apps? Let us know via Twitter and the Bing Ads Feature Suggestion Forum.

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Thousands of advertisers are using our apps every day to keep tabs on their campaigns while they are on the go. Why aren't you? 

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At Bing Ads, we're listening. Happy Advertising!