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ICYMI: January Feature Release Summary

Still rubbing the 2015 out of your eyes?  So was I, but then I remembered my new Guided Tours! And Favorites for Mobile! And Image Extensions!  It looks like I'm not alone in being excited about that one:

 bing ads image extensions

Right there with you, Emma! Take a peek at the summary below, and stay tuned here to the Bing Ads Blog for announcements about new features as they become available.

Keyword Planner v2

The Keyword Planner helps you create and expand search campaigns by providing a single tool for keyword, bid and budget planning. Now you can search for new keywords by landing page URL, get competition benchmarks for ad impression share, see the search volume for a specified time range, and set an individual bid for an ad group or keyword.

Bing AOL Partnership

Bing is now AOL’s Web search provider, providing ads and algorithmic search results to AOL’s properties worldwide that have the capability of Web search. Bing will power web search traffic across all devices for AOL – PC, tablet, and mobile – and on properties such as, AOL Mail, AOL Desktop, Autoblog, MapQuest, and more.

All campaigns are automatically opted into AOL traffic, based on current network target settings, and updated reporting values will help you differentiate key data for AOL.

In general, you can anticipate an increase in click volume of 5 to 8 percent with additional AOL search traffic available through Bing Ads. Make sure your budget allows you to take advantage of growing volume availability.

For more details, check out Dalip Tyagi’s post “AOL web search powered by Bing.” To see what exactly will be changing in the Bing Ads interface, take a look at Prince Bajracharya’s post, “Details on Big Ads changes with AOL partnership.”

Improved Auto-Tagging

We said goodbye to manually tagging the destination URLs of your ads with UTM tags when we introduced auto-tagging in 2014. With improved auto-tagging, a UTM tag that identifies the ad group name will be added to existing destination URLs for better reporting.

Update to Ad Group Targeting Language

When importing a Google AdWords campaign that contains multiple target languages, Bing Ads will now select the campaign language with the largest market as your ad group target language. If none of your AdWords target languages are supported in Bing Ads, Bing Ads will flag the campaign as an error.

Stay Tuned

We appreciate your support and input – and most importantly, your partnership in shaping the tools you need to succeed in search advertising!  In case you missed it with the holiday rush, check out the Guided Tours of Remarketing and more, and the latest Opportunities available. 

Comments? Questions? Please visit our Feature Suggestion Forum, or reach out to us on Twitter or Facebook.