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Top Tips and Insights to Put a Bow on Mother’s Day with Bing Ads

This post was co-authored by Christen Anderson.

Determining when and where to spend your Mother’s Day search advertising budget can be every bit as challenging as finding the perfect gift for your own mother. Bing Ads is here to help. With the latest insights on what mothers unwrapped on their special day last year, how shoppers are searching for gifts, and what trends are influencing retail and technology, you can leave the stress of campaign management behind.

First and foremost, don’t miss out on this huge retail opportunity. Mother’s Day is the third-largest retail holiday in the U.S., with a whopping $20 billion spent in 20141, and 76 percent of people surveyed plan to spend the same, if not more, this year2. And last year, search spend was 110 percent higher for Mother’s Day than Father’s Day3. (Although the Daddies are important too, of course!)

These impressive numbers suggest that people aren’t just shopping for Mom. While 64 percent are shopping for their mother or stepmother, 23 percent shop for their wife, nine percent shop for their daughters, 10 percent shop for other relatives, and the list goes on4.

With an average planned spend of $163 per shopper5, you may be asking what people are buying:

Though most shoppers are buying the classics (think cards and flowers), moms are dreaming about gifts that can make their life simpler. Eighty percent of women express an interest in consumer electronics and luckily, their loved ones are listening – around 13 percent of those planning to buy a gift for Mom plan to buy consumer electronics6.

We know what people are buying, but what does this have to do with search? Thirty percent of shoppers will purchase gifts online7, spending 38 percent more than offline shoppers. That’s an average online spend of $225.87, making Mom a very lucky lady indeed8. And don’t forget about the other 70 percent shopping in-store, because they’re searching too.


Yahoo Bing Network also has some tips on when and how to spend your search advertising budget for this popular holiday:

Tip #1: Start your campaigns early for technology-focused gifts. Shoppers start to research tech-savvy gifts over a month ahead of time.

Tip #2: Focus on mobile the week of Mother’s Day, which lands on May 10 this year. Last minute shoppers are using their smartphones to find the perfect gift the week before.

Tip #3: Floral shops listen up – we recommend that you start advertising a month in advance and more heavily the week before for PC and Tablet as “flowers” and “florists” searches start early and continue to grow.

Tip #4: Those who stock fashion jewelry take note – we recommend that you start advertising a month in advance for smartphone searchers as searches for bling for moms begin a month in advance.

Tip #5: Have your ads live two weeks before the holiday. Search volume peaks in the middle of April, but click-through rates peak two weeks before Mother’s Day.

For more trends, insights, and best performing ad copy to help put a bow on your ads, read the full set of Mother’s Day insights from Bing Ads

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