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Webcast: The Art and Science of Account and Campaign Management

At Microsoft Advertising, we’re committed to helping you achieve more with your business. To accomplish this, we’re fueled and shaped by your feedback. Join us for this three-part on-demand webcast series as we explore the latest Microsoft Advertising platform updates, inspired by you.

Part 1: Campaign experiment scenarios 

In the competitive advertising landscape, every change you make to your campaigns can make a huge difference for your business. Sometimes, it’s not immediately clear whether a new bidding strategy, setting, or feature is the best move for you. How can you make sure that you’re making the right decisions for your Microsoft Advertising campaigns without wasting precious time and resources? With experiments rolling out globally, you can now test out those campaign changes with full confidence.

Part 2: Multi-account management experiences 

If you’re managing multiple accounts in Microsoft Advertising, whether as part of your own business or as an agency helping your clients with their business, we understand that you have unique needs. From how you set up and organize your accounts, to how you efficiently and effectively stay on top of maintaining them, our mission is to make this easy for you, so that you’re empowered to meet your marketing goals. That is why we are excited to introduce several key multi-account management experiences updates.

Part 3: The new-look Microsoft Advertising platform

We’ve heard from many of you that managing your campaigns and accounts should be more user-friendly and streamlined. As a result, we’ve been working on a series of changes to modernize the look, feel, and functionality of our product. Our key goal with these changes is to help you more easily and intuitively manage ads on one of the world's leading advertising platforms.

Learn the Art of Advertiser Science 

The Art of Advertiser Science is a monthly webcast series where we discuss the art and science behind running top digital marketing campaigns. You'll get the latest Microsoft Advertising research and expert insights as well as hear compelling customer stories. Together we'll tackle complex concepts, tough questions and new discoveries that will hopefully inspire and empower you and your business to grow.
Register now for The Art and Science of Account and Campaign Management and be on your way to conducting experiments, customizing your accounts and exploring the new Microsoft Advertising user interface.