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How Microsoft is adding more value to every customer interaction

Since Satya Nadella took the helm five years ago, Microsoft has become a customer-obsessed company on a mission to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. And as he pointed out in his 2017 Inspire keynote, “Our success is in our customers’ success.”

Being truly customer obsessed means embracing a growth mindset. It means constantly listening, learning, experimenting and pushing yourself to do better. It also means putting yourself in your customer’s shoes and meeting their unarticulated needs.

So, we asked ourselves, how can we help customers achieve more when they call us for help?

And this question led to a hypothesis: We can improve customer success by going beyond issue resolution to deliver personalized, value-added advice.

In response, the Microsoft Advertising support team piloted an advisory approach to support calls that increased customer satisfaction by 16 points. Comparable results were realized through similar pilots conducted by other Microsoft support teams. These pilots were incredibly successful and contributed to Microsoft winning the highly acclaimed TSIA STAR Award, which is recognition from industry peers on a company’s biggest achievements. This advisory approach has now been adopted by support teams all across Microsoft. Microsoft is proud to accept this recognition as the TSIA Star Award has become one of the highest honors in the technology services industry, recognizing commitment to outstanding innovation, leadership, and excellence.

TSIA Star Award logo.

So, what’s this advisory support program about?

Remember the last time you had a question answered before you knew to ask? Or received some thoughtful suggestions that made all the difference? It feels great!

Too often our customers don’t know how to get the most out of Microsoft Advertising products, solutions, and programs. After all, there’s a lot to know! But this lack of understanding limits their usage and ultimately, their success.

Our advisory support program is centered on adding as much value as possible to every in-bound customer interaction. In addition to being awesome technical experts, our support teams also aim to be trusted advisors. We empower support teams with the training, tools, and processes needed to identify and recommend highly relevant insights and impactful opportunities to customers that add value beyond their immediate needs.

For example, today if you were to call the Microsoft Advertising support team, after quickly resolving your immediate need, we take a few moments to understand your specific goals so that we can uncover opportunities to increase your success. We might recommend that you explore a new product feature or take advantage of a subscription that you’re already paying for but not using. We might even offer some account-specific advice to help you optimize campaign performance.

Of course, the objective is to help customers do more and achieve more with the products and services they’re already using. Which brings me back to you, our customer: Thank you for providing your feedback and driving us to continue finding ways to improve.

Whether you want to call, tweet, live chat, or simply explore the quick answers from our SEM support team, we are committed to helping you succeed. Please reach out to Microsoft Advertising support anytime.