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Become a learn-it-all by listening to Insights with Microsoft

Neuroscience has shown that it takes 66 days of repetition to build a habit. What this means is that most people who don’t see any change usually give up too early in their quest for growth. This quest for growth, experimentation and connection is what inspired us to create Insights with Microsoft, a daily podcast of marketing insights where we’ve made it easy to translate into a daily habit.
But the two-minute audio briefing wouldn’t be unique if it was simply another podcast. This is why we programmed Insights with Microsoft to be voice-activated, so it can be invoked directly using voice on the platform of your choice.
To get started listening today, simply follow these voice command actions on the following intelligent digital assistants:
  • Amazon Alexa: Initial voice command: “Alexa, enable Insights with Microsoft.” Daily voice command: “Alexa, what’s my flash briefing?"
  • Microsoft Cortana: “Hey Cortana, ask Insights with Microsoft for my daily flash briefing.”
  • Google Assistant: “OK Google, talk to Insights with Microsoft.”

If you don’t own a smart speaker or don’t want to use voice commands you can simply subscribe to Insights with Microsoft on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts or Spotify.
Voice and audio design are a big part of future-proofing businesses and creating intelligent connections. Voice skills and podcast audio are new marketing channels that are creating inclusive and meaningful customer experiences. Is your business ready?

Daily briefing

Consider how the design of your products, services or experiences enables people of various abilities to interact with them. Daily briefings are audio updates that allow information to be heard by your target audience. They’ve been popular the past year with news reporting outfits like The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, but also have their place in the world of marketing. Because audio can be updated faster than many websites, a daily briefing is a good way to foster a regular rhythm of connection with a targeted audience.

Conversational experience design

Voice allows for a back and forth conversation. Have you thought about skills beyond briefings that tap into conversations dialog utilizing cognitive services? This is a huge emerging area where a simple website may look, feel and sound antiquated compared to conversational interfaces.

Human connection

When we think of what resonates with us the most, it’s the sound of another person’s voice. While writing, text and video are strong formats and will always be compelling, speech and listening are at the center of what makes us human. Hearing from those you trust and letting them hear you creates the strongest path to forging a deep emotional connection. As a result, audio will be an important medium moving forward.
We hope you’ll have some great takeaways from listening and interacting with Insights with Microsoft, and will send us feedback on topics you’d like to learn more about, so that we can produce and include them in this daily audio brief for you.