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The Art and Science of Google Import on Bing Ads Webcast Q&A

Today some of the questions you asked during The Art and Science of Google Import on Bing Ads webcast are being answered. This webcast (now available on-demand) explores the Google Import feature tips and tricks, from troubleshooting and common errors to optimizing your AdWords campaigns for the Bing Ads platform.

Q: Why can’t you have a 'preview' import to check everything is okay before conduction the actual import itself?

A: Stefanie Bounds & Kevin Salat – Our Bing Ads system is unable to link your account to Google and run the import without it transferring over all that you've selected. We are hoping to develop a sandbox environment for you to utilize in the future.

Q: How can we update already imported campaigns if they are named differently in AdWords and Bing?

A: Stefanie Bounds & Kevin Salat – Since September 2016, Bing Ads has been making use of your AdWords campaign IDs instead of the campaign name. So, if they are named slightly differently but have the same campaign ID, the correct corresponding campaigns will be updated.

Q: Can you see the option to "share the same set of ad extensions between campaigns" only when importing Shopping Campaigns or if you can also see it when importing regular campaigns?

YA: Stefanie Bounds & Kevin Salat You may no longer be seeing the "share identical sets of ad extensions between campaigns" option in your import workflow anymore. This means that Bing Ads will always share the same set of ad extensions between campaigns. Additionally, as you saw with Advanced Import Options, you'll gain more control over what specific ad extensions you'd like to import soon.

Q: When will "all languages" be available for Bing in Sweden?

A: Stefanie Bounds & Kevin Salat – Multiple Language Targeting will be coming to Bing Ads globally sometime in the next calendar year. Stay tuned for more updates about Multiple Language Targeting.

Q: Is our Google Data kept private and safe even if we use the UI import and we sign in our account?

A: Stefanie Bounds & Kevin Salat – Yes.

Q: How does Bing import the combinations with "%2B" symbol? Example: "%2Bhotel %2Bnew %2Byork".

A: Stefanie Bounds & Kevin Salat – Bing Ads does not recognize any "wild card" characters, so if these are in your landing page URL or tracking templates, they will be replaced as you specify.

Q: Is there a way we can choose which new items to import as we can do for the updates to existing items?

A: Stefanie Bounds & Kevin Salat – Yes, when you start the import workflow there are two main boxes for you to check: Import new items (to import any campaigns you've never imported to Bing Ads before) or Import changes to existing items (to import items that you have imported previously to Bing Ads).

Q: Does Bing support shopping campaign promotions? On Google these are set up in Merchant Center, not in AdWords, but they run with the shopping ad.

A: Stefanie Bounds & Kevin Salat – Yes, we support Merchant Promotions in Bing Ads, and they can be set up in Bing Merchant Center or submitted through a feed

Q: Is there a special setting that needs to be adjusted on the Bing side to import dynamic search campaign from Google AdWords?

A: Stefanie Bounds & Kevin Salat – For potential issues with importing Dynamic Search Ads from Google AdWords, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Expanded Dynamic Search Ads currently cannot be imported from AdWords.

  • Bing Ads does not currently support Dynamic Search Ads page feeds or custom label dynamic ad targets.

  • Mixed mode campaign imports are currently not supported in the import tool. 

  • Mobile device preference is currently not supported.

Q: Is Bing Merchant Center available in all countries where google merchant center is?

A: Stefanie Bounds & Kevin Salat – Bing Merchant Center is currently available in US, UK, AU, FR, DE, and now CA and IN as well.

Q: Do you have to import shared negative keywords list via the interface or can it also be done through Bing Ads Editor?

A: Stefanie Bounds & Kevin Salat – Currently, you can only import shared negative keyword lists via the Bing Ads UI, but we expect to add the capability to Bing Ads Editor later.

Q: Is there a way to spend the budget evenly through the day?

A: Stefanie Bounds & Kevin Salat – If you select the Standard Budget type, Bing Ads will show your ads evenly throughout each day, whereas Accelerated will show your ads as quickly as appropriate each day until your daily budget is depleted. Learn more about Bing Ads budget options.

Q: What will happen with Google Ads that are modified with Ad Customizers?

A: Stefanie Bounds & Kevin Salat – We can support Google Ads with Countdown Customizers, which can be imported. Other customizers will not be imported.

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