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The Yahoo Bing Network: No Contest for Mobile Advertising Spend

The biggest shopping season of the year is upon us, and with it, the annual “what’s the right marketing mix?” debate amongst advertisers. Mobile advertising – which, according to Gartner, is estimated to hit $42 billion in spend by 2017 – is increasingly coming out on top.

But getting the most out of your mobile ad spend isn’t just about advertising with the biggest player. Savvy advertisers are taking advantage of the Yahoo Bing Network’s growing mobile search volume and the Bing Ads platform, which is consistently evolving -- and improving -- to get the best return on their mobile advertising investment.

The Yahoo Bing Network Delivers Real Results

Scale is a critical factor in meeting your mobile marketing objectives. The Yahoo Bing Network’s search and click volumes from smart phone users have more than doubled year-over-year. Click volumes have generally outpaced growth in search volume – demonstrating the high degree of consumer engagement and relevance of mobile ads on the Yahoo Bing Network.

Taking a deeper look at year-over-year click growth in key verticals such as Retail, Technology and Telecommunications, Financial Services, and Autos, the Yahoo Bing Network delivered big year-over-year gains in Q3, 2014. Tech and Telco was the big winner, with nearly 300% year-over-year growth, while Retail, Autos, and Financial Services all doubled (or more!) in click volume.

The Yahoo Bing Network: Listening to Customers, Improving where it Matters

At Bing Ads, we know that mobile devices are an important part of consumers’ lives. The Yahoo Bing Network is working hard to provide advertisers with the best mobile advertising ROI while building query share across all devices. Moving forward, advertisers can expect to see more value for their businesses as we continue to invest in increasing share. Here’s how:

  • Targeting Improvements: Even more precise targeting options, including zip code, radius and geo location targeting have recently been added, with even more on the way. 
  • App Extensions: New app extensions, which are now being piloted for a planned Q1 2015 launch, will make it easy for searchers to discover and download your app to Android, iOS or Windows Phone devices. These extensions will automatically be targeted to a specific user’s OS and device combination.
  • Mobile Product Ads: With consumers increasingly using mobile search to find product information as part of their shopping process, mobile product ads have become a growing trend, and will be launching on mobile devices in the near future.
  • Universal Event Tracking: This new feature allows you to track conversions across your customers’ devices. UET provides a simple yet powerful way to define and track goals (performance/conversions) and then associate the success of these goals with your advertising campaigns across accounts, ad campaigns, and devices.

Yahoo Bing Network or Gemini?

Recently, some advertisers have expressed confusion about Yahoo’s Gemini mobile search offering in relation to the Yahoo Bing Network offering. Here are a few reminders to ensure no misunderstanding as you consider opportunities and execute your planning:

    • Gemini ads are not part of the Yahoo Bing Network. Gemini is a separate offering, focused on mobile and native “stream” ads. As such, advertisers are unable to access Gemini data from their Bing Ads campaign reports, and should plan to manage their Gemini campaigns separately from the rest of their Yahoo Bing Network campaigns.
    • Mobile search ads and campaigns created in Gemini are not eligible to be shown on Bing, Microsoft or affiliate properties on the Yahoo Bing Network.
    • Gemini ads are not available for PC searches.  And for mobile and tablet searches, Gemini ads are served only on Yahoo’s mobile site -- and only on a small percentage of smart phone and tablet traffic.

Additionally, the Yahoo Bing Network enjoys the full support of the major bid management platforms. For more information, please visit our FAQ page.

Yahoo Bing Network Makes the Choice Simple

Bing Ads remains the platform for purchasing mobile search ads on Bing and its network of partner sites. Bing Ads delivers search ads on the highest performing mobile search placements for the majority of web searches across the Yahoo Bing Network, including Yahoo’s affiliate sites.

As the marketing mix debate rages on, one thing is clear: Mobile advertising this holiday season has never been easier or more effective, thanks to the Yahoo Bing Network. And you can count on Bing Ads to help you optimize this fast-growing platform with enhancements and support to ensure your success – during the holidays and all year long.

Let’s ring in some mobile cheer this season!

Steve Sirich

GM, Advertising and Consumer Monetization Group (ACM)