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Trivia Time with Microsoft Advertising

Looking for a break in your daily routine? Think you have what it takes to outsmart your industry peers in a game of trivia? Interested in doing your part to reforest our planet? Then Trivia Time with Microsoft Advertising is here for you.

Trivia Time is open to anyone, so bring along your family and friends for some brain-busting good times.

Each month, a selection of hosts will challenge you with questions around various themes: nature, sports, cinema, art, literature, and more! Join us for 30 minutes of 50 quickfire multiple-choice questions across five popular categories. The winner will be announced at the end of the game and shared across our social channels.

And as part of the Microsoft Advertising goal to plant 250,000 trees in 2020, we’ll plant 1,000 trees for each Trivia Time event.

Let’s flex those neurons, have some fun and help rebuild some of the world’s forests at the same time.

Register today and get ready for the competition!