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Microsoft Audience Ads: Now expanding to new markets

We're excited to announce that Microsoft Audience Ads, our native advertising solution, is coming to all customers in Australia and New Zealand on August 18, 2020 and in France and Germany on September 8, 2020.

Microsoft Audience Ads are currently available in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada, and we’re proud to announce its expansion into new markets. Microsoft Audience Ads are high-quality native ads served on the Microsoft Audience Network, which includes premium sites such as MSN, and Microsoft Edge. In the first phase, Microsoft Audience Ads will be available as an extension to Microsoft Advertising search campaigns in these new markets and will be available as a separate audience campaign later in the year.

Extending your search campaigns to Microsoft Audience Ads has three benefits:
  1. Expand your reach outside of search, in new places that are brand-safe
  2. Increase your ad relevancy using Microsoft first party intent data
  3. Drive strong industry performance driven by leading edge artificial intelligence technologies

Reach your audience where they are today in brand-safe environments

With people spending more time online and browsing their favorite sites, native advertising is an opportunity to connect with your audience where they are today, outside of search, and deliver an experience they will value by serving them with highly relevant ads at the right time.

Product view of a Microsoft Audience Ad on the MSN homepage.

Through the Microsoft Audience Network, we empower you to reach millions of people across devices through high-quality native ad placements and ad formats that naturally blend into the core user experience. And we do so by making sure we showcase your brand at its best, in brand safe environments.

We have strict publisher standards and rigorous controls in place to promote quality of traffic, including removing low-quality domains, checking invalid activity and more. All of this is backed by our artificial intelligence technologies.

Drive highly personalized experiences

Consumers are expecting more and more from brands. Microsoft Advertising recently conducted a research uncovering that consumers are looking for authentic connections and purposeful personalization.

Native advertising can help address some of these expectations as it is all about driving meaningful connections and engagements with your customers and serving ads that are highly contextual and relevant to them. Native can help drive strong brand awareness and affinity. According to an IPG Media Labs research, 71% of consumers say they personally identify with a brand after viewing its native ads.

Through the Microsoft Audience Network, you can access the Microsoft audience and meaningfully engage with your ideal customers by using Microsoft data about its users and their intent signals which is unique to us. And we do so by respecting customers’ privacy and data security. At Microsoft, we pride ourselves on following strict processes to remain GDPR and CCPA compliant.

And by using our industry-leading artificial intelligence, we can help you drive the personalization and ad relevancy that customers expect while helping you achieve great performance.

Our client Overstock has seen great results adopting Microsoft Audience Ads for search campaigns.
If (businesses are) looking at any kind of incrementality when it comes to clicks and additional conversions, I would definitely suggest Microsoft Audience Ads.

Steven Sun, Senior Paid Search Manager, Overstock


Get started with Microsoft Audience Ads

Extending your search campaigns to Microsoft Audience Ads is very easy. All you need to do is add images to your campaign through Image Extensions.

To set up Image Extensions:
  1. From the Campaigns page, click Ad Extensions (or from the main menu on the left, click All campaigns. Then, click Ads & extensions and click create ad).
  2. Select Image Extensions and the campaign or ad group.
  3. Click Create ad extension.
  4. Select an existing image from your saved Image Extension library or upload a new image.
You can use bid adjustments to control how often Microsoft Audience Ads show. By default, bid adjustments are set to 0% which ensure participation in the Microsoft Audience Network and can go up to 900%.
If you have any questions or would like assistance, please visit our Help page.