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Kenshoo empowers businesses with data they can trust

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A global technology platform at the forefront of Marketing with Purpose

Building trust has never been more relevant than it is today. Microsoft Advertising wants to help you find new ways of building business value through trust, love and loyalty. We’re invested in helping our clients and partners to create brands that are welcomed into people’s lives. That’s what we call Marketing with Purpose.
Since 2006, Kenshoo have been enabling the world’s top brands and advertisers to predict and keep in-step with the ever-changing consumer journey. Kenshoo deeply believes and focuses on trust. It is a priority in everything they do, how they treat each other and everyone around them. The company seeks to build trust with their consumers via data driven marketing and innovative solutions.
At Kenshoo, we value our ongoing partnership with Microsoft. We collaborate on a global level with the joint goal of delivering digital marketing solutions that enable our clients to drive growth for their businesses through innovative technology.

Sabina Warren, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Kenshoo

Trust is at the core of everything Kenshoo does

Using the latest Microsoft Advertising features along with marketing automation, AI and data-driven marketing, Kenshoo protects user privacy. Kenshoo empowers clients with data they can trust, insights they can use, and impact they can measure. They call it Total Market Intelligence.
With more than 100 completed third-party integrations and campaigns running in more than 190 countries for nearly half the Fortune 50, Kenshoo is recognised as a pioneer in the digital marketing space. Over 600 global employees help develop industry-leading solutions, which have given Kenshoo a track record for best-in-class campaign results. User privacy is protected through total market intelligence. Data-driven technology is used extensively via paid search.
“At the end of the day, we are pushing search forward which continues to be the most important channel in almost every single one of our advertisers,” says William Martin-Gill, Chief Strategy Officer.

A successful and growing partnership with Microsoft Advertising

Kenshoo aims to become a brand people rely on. Being true to their customer’s goals and values by providing privacy, transparency and responsibility remains a key focus for Kenshoo. Building trust within the digital space is amplified by partnering with Microsoft Advertising. Microsoft’s innovation in paid search allows Kenshoo to add value for their customers.
Kenshoo leverages Microsoft’s in-depth understanding of audience and marketplace insights to deliver personalised experiences that make every connection count. The partnership pushes both companies to become better and provide the best possible solutions for their clients.
Learn more on building business value through trust and maximizing purchase consideration. Read the full case study on Kenshoo and watch the video.