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Drive more volume with exact match close variants updates

In an effort to help advertisers reach more customers, we show ads for close variations. Close variants can include singular and plural forms, abbreviations, misspellings, punctuations, word blending, accents and stemming. This can help in not only driving additional clicks where the customer intent is the same, but also saving you time by not having to build and manage the many variations of your keywords.

We've updated our exact match (and phrase match) close variant technology to also include reordered keywords in the following markets: United States (Aug 2017), United Kingdom (Nov 2017), France (Nov 2017), Germany (Nov 2017), Canada (Jan 2018), and Australia (Feb 2018). We will continue to evaluate additional markets in the future.

Exact match keywords will match to queries with the same exact keyword tokens, whether or not the order of the keyword tokens are the same. Additionally, function words, or stop words, (ex: is, a, the, on, for, in) may be ignored if they don’t impact the intent behind a query.

Some examples could include:

  • “teriyaki chicken” and “chicken teriyaki”
  • “gluten intolerance symptoms” and “symptoms gluten intolerance”
  • “tv schedule for tonight” and “tv schedule tonight”
  • “hotel in new york” and “hotel new york”
This way, you don’t need to build and manage all the many reordered or reworded variations of your keywords to get the coverage you want. Using close variations also exposes you to additional valuable clicks and conversions. Bing Ads will preference any exact match keyword in the account over a close variation. Additionally, we will only reorder tokens when it doesn’t change the meaning such as “post address change” vs “change post address.” 

To further optimize your campaigns, you can use remarketing, automated bidding and negative keywords.

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