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Upgraded URLs now available in Bing Ads: an easier way to manage your tracking URLs

It can be a challenge to track campaign performance and understand how customers are reacting to your ads. Not only do you have a lot of performance metrics, but you also have a lot of campaigns, ads to manage to ensure you are effectively spending your budget and increasing your return on ad spend. Upgraded URLs are here to simplify things for you.

What are Upgraded URLs?


Currently you use destination URLs to direct customers to the most relevant landing page associated to the keyword and track important information about your ads, such as the keyword that triggered a conversion or the name of the campaign that triggered an ad.
All of this information is captured in a single URL that combines your landing page URL along with tracking information. This can get complicated, making even simple changes more difficult later.
With Upgraded URLs, we are improving the way you manage your ad tracking, so you can quickly make updates to your tracking codes and keep your ads running.
There will be separate fields for URLs and parameters:
  1. Final URL – The landing page URL where you are sending your customers to.
  2. Shared Tracking Template – This contains your tracking information and acts as a building block for all the URLs in your account.
  3. Custom Parameters – This contains more granular tracking information relevant for your URLs and reports.

Benefits of Upgraded URLs

More efficient tracking management: Manage and update tracking information for multiple URLs with a single shared tracking template. Turn hundreds, thousands or millions of URL bulk edits into one quick change.
Less down time, more conversions and clicks: Quickly and confidently make tracking changes to your URLs using an account-level tracking template without your ads being sent to review by our policy team. This means your ads keep on running, so you don’t lose out on potential conversions.
Additional tracking insights: Track additional insights with new custom parameters and dynamic text substitutions to learn more about the source of your ad clicks.

Jumpstart your Upgraded URL Usage

Import your Upgraded URLs from Google AdWords: Save time by using our Import tool to directly import your campaigns from your Google AdWords account into Bing Ads, including Upgraded URLs. You can do this from the Bing Ads Web interface or using Bing Ads Editor. Learn more
Bulk manage your Upgraded URLs using Bing Ads Editor 11: Get more done by using Bing Ads Editor to sync your campaigns and accounts, make changes or additions offline, implement Upgraded URLs and update your revisions with one click. Learn more  

Upgraded URLs Must-Knows, Tips and Best Practices

Set an account-level tracking template: We recommend that you set up a tracking template at the account level so that any changes you make cascade downward to your ads and other URLs. You can, of course, still choose to manage or override tracking at the individual level using local tracking templates for keywords, ads or sitelinks. We’ve provided you with this flexibility, so you can choose the method that works best for you. Learn more 

Take advantage of mobile URLs: When setting up your landing page URLs, you can now easily define a separate URL for visits to your website coming from mobile devices. This separation is more readable and will save you time when manageing ads for both desktop and mobile ads. Learn More 

Get granular with custom parameters: For advertisers who want to define their own tracking parameters, custom parameters come in handy. Custom parameters allow you to combine consolidate commonly used URL parameters or create campaign specific parameters. You can then and add them to your tracking templates or final URLs. 
Learn more 
Leverage keyword URLs instead of {param1}: For advertisers who need the granularity of keyword-level reporting and tracking, we encourage you to take advantage of keyword final and mobile URLs instead of the traditional {param1} approach. First, move your keyword {param1,2,3} to keyword final URLs. Second, set your ad creative’s final URL to the display URL. Learn more

Benefit from increased URL character limits: Destination URLs today have a maximum length of 1024 characters which limited the amount of URL parameters you could utilize for tracking purposes. Now with Upgraded URLs, you can use up to 2048 characters in both your Final URLs and Tracking templates for a maximum effective length of 4096.
Try out our new URL tracking parameters to track ad clicks: Over the course of the few months, we’ve added support for more URL tracking parameters which can give you more information about the visitor of your click, such as the name or ID of the campaign that triggered the ad. The more information you have about your clicks, the more effective your campaign optimizations will be. Learn more  
Simplify tracking with Bing Ads auto-tagging: Customers who utilize auto-tagging in Bing Ads to send UTM tags to their landing page URLs will also be able to take advantage of this using Upgraded URLs. Auto-tagging appends the UTM tags at the end of the URL, after any URL parameters and tracking templates have been applied. Learn more

Availability of Upgraded URLs

Today, Upgraded URLs is being rolled out to all advertisers worldwide. Visit our help website for additional resources on URL tracking and analytics. Learn more 

For advertisers and agencies: Be sure to speak with your account manager and search engine marketing tool to understand their plans for Upgraded URLs. This will ensure that you have the smoothest transition as Upgraded URLs support will be released with our partnering tools within the upcoming weeks and months.
Timing on sunset of Destination URLs: Text ads using Destination URLs will continue to serve as expected throughout the 2016 calendar year. Continue to follow up on our blog for more updates as we begin communicating plans so that you can prepare for this change in 2017.
Let us know your thoughts: As always, we encourage you to directly send us feedback: