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You Asked, We Listened: Big Improvements in Accounts & Billing

At Bing Ads, we believe that managing your accounts and billing isn’t something you should have to worry about. You told us to make it simple, convenient and fast. We heard you.

In our latest release, you’ll find many of the changes you asked for specifically, along with much more! From insertion order edits to bulk management, from one-stop-shop billing to consolidated invoices – all designed to help you do more, work less. Whether you’re already using Bing Ads Accounts and Billing, or you’re transitioning over from Yahoo, we think you’ll like what you see. We’re partners in this, so please keep the feedback coming – we’re just getting started!


Coming from Yahoo?

Welcome to the family! We’re excited to have you on board, and as you’ll see, we’ve got you covered. You’ll find everything you need for a seamless transition to Bing Ads Accounts & Billing, and even a few nice additions. 

What’s new?

We’re excited to announce a brand new set of features designed to meet the needs you, our customers, told us you care about.  

You’re in control

With consistent account navigation on every Accounts & Billing tab, you’re in control of how much information you’re looking at. You can get a quick view across all of your accounts...

bing ads accounts billing 

...or dive into specific ones.

bing ads accounts billing

You have flexible payment options

If you change your mind about when you want to pay for your ad charges, you can now simply switch between pre-pay and post-pay payment options. No more being locked in!

bing ads accounts billing

If you’re an agency managing clients, you can soon support both post-pay and pre-pay clients. We want to help you run your business, the way you need to.

Managing your IOs is easier than ever

There is no better time to start creating and managing your insertion orders online. This fast, simple process now sports the convenience of creating and managing IOs in bulk across your accounts, getting instant approvals, the ability to edit existing IOs, and track your IO change history. For those of you who like the paper trail, you can also easily print the IO details.

Your billing management now comes with peace of mind

The billing tab is now your one-stop shop for staying on top of your bills. Whether you want a summary of your charges or more granular data, it’s all right there, now with many more details and the ability to filter.

bing ads accounts billing

Tired of juggling invoices for all your accounts? You can now opt-in to consolidated billing and get one, single bill for all your accounts that us the same currency and language.

bing ads accounts billing

We’ve made your invoices easier to read too, and you have the option to include campaign-level charges.

bing ads accounts billing

Of course you want to get your invoices faster! You can now sign up for getting them through email as soon as they are generated, instead of waiting for the postman to drop them off. 

bing ads accounts billing

Stay tuned and stay connected

These changes are the direct result of your feedback, so please, keep it coming! We truly appreciate your comments and recommendations, because it shows you care. We want you to be successful, and we want to make it easy. We’ll be there with you every step of the way.  On behalf of the Accounts & Billing team, thank you for partnering with Bing Ads.