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Convert Product Ad Campaigns to Bing Shopping Campaigns

Ever since we launched Bing Shopping Campaigns (BSC) in July, we have been looking at how to make your transition from traditional Product Ads campaigns to BSC easier. As part of that effort, we are very excited to introduce a new tool: Convert Product Ad campaigns.

If you have been struggling to find time to upgrade to Shopping Campaigns, this tool is designed to make your life easier.  You’ll find this easy-to-use conversion tool under Tools, in the header at the top of Bing Ads:

bing shopping campaigns

In the Tools drop-down menu, click Convert Product Ad campaigns, where you’ll find a Status Page with the following information:

  • All your PA campaigns that are eligible for conversion to BSC
  • The corresponding status of each Campaign – “ready to be converted), or “in progress,” and whether it was then “Successful” or “Failed.”
  • A link to more details describing any error that may have prevented a successful migration
  • A list of all successfully converted campaigns

If you don’t see this right away - don’t worry!  The feature is simply on a rolling release, and will be accessible to all users over the next few days. 

Ready to begin? All you have to do is Check and Click and you’re done: 

1. Check the box next to the Product Ads campaign you want to convert, and

2. Click Convert Campaigns

By default, your newly-created shopping campaigns will be active immediately.

bing shopping campaigns

Key points to note:

  • Once you have converted your Product Ad campaign, you cannot convert the same campaign again.
  • Converting a Product Ad campaign will create a new Shopping campaign based on the existing data. It will not delete or pause the existing Product Ad campaign. NOTE: If you have both your PA and BSC campaigns running in parallel, please expect to see a split in volume across the campaigns.
  • You cannot edit your store ID after your Shopping campaign is created; prior to migration, ensure you have the correct Product Ad extension associated with your Product Ad campaign.
  • Not all information will be converted:

bing shopping campaigns

  • Some Product Ad attributes will be converted to new Shopping campaign attributes. So if your Product Targets are using any of the below, please ensure prior to the migration that you map these columns correctly in your feed and resubmit it, else the converted campaigns won’t match the right products causing issues with delivery.

bing shopping campaigns

  • You can start multiple conversions simultaneously or in a more staggered fashion. We will continue to run the conversion in the backend even after you log off.
  • Please remember to review your campaigns after conversion to ensure that the bids and targets created are in line with your expectations.

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