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Bing Ads Gets a New Look and New Features for Improved Efficiency

As announced on the Bing Ads blog last week, the Bing Ads team is excited to unveil the latest overhaul of the Bing Ads web interface. The changes, which reflect the feedback of our customers, go far beyond just a new look. Not only has the site been redesigned to simplify navigation, a number of existing features have been revamped to make you more efficient including negative keywords, opportunities and change history.

Over the next few weeks, we will start rolling out our new look which will include the following improvements:

  1. Easier access to frequently used tools and links
  2. Shared libraries – lists of entities you can reuse across campaigns starting with shared negative keyword lists
  3. Multi-metric trend charts make it easy to view key campaign performance metrics at a glance
  4. More intuitive and actionable proposals in the Opportunities tab
  5. Overhauled Change History page, with undo functionality forthcoming

Roll out of these changes is effective today for a small set of users and will continue through to the end of the month when all users will see the new look for the Bing Ads UI upon sign-in.

Below are images showcasing the previous Bing Ads campaign summary page, compared to the new campaign summary page. 


Note, some features may show up sometime after an account gets the new look as we want to make sure everything is in order prior to rolling them out to all advertisers.

Easier access to frequently used tools and links

We have consolidated Bing Ads Tools options into an easy-to-access location. Instead of being directed to separate pages for various tools, now you can easily access EVERYTHING via one click on the Tools dropdown link…from any page. In addition, import options are also consolidated into one drop-down location.

Below are images showcasing the previous interface, followed by what it looks like now.

Before – old Bing Ads tools page

After – new Bing Ads tools drop-down

To allow for easier access and simplified navigation, we have also moved all links related to user accounts under the Gear icon, making it more consistent with modern web design patterns. It’s here that you can modify user settings, again, in one easy-to-access location. Specific links that have moved include Accounts and Billing, User Settings and Help.

To ensure you don’t feel lost, the first time you sign-in after getting the new look, pop-up notifications will indicate key places where navigational changes have occurred.  

Pop-up notification upon signing in

Gear icon drop-down menu

Shared libraries – starting with shared negative keyword lists

As part of this update, we will be introducing the concept of shared libraries. These will be libraries of entities such as negative keyword lists, which you can share across campaigns and ad groups. With shared negative keyword lists you will no longer have to maintain redundant negative keyword lists across campaigns, but instead will be able to create a single list that can be shared by two or more campaigns. We expect this to be a significant time saver for advertisers who leverage negative keywords today as part of their campaign optimization routine.

In addition, for advertisers who use the Bing Ads Editor, there will be substantial time savings in downloading your campaigns if you switch from managing negative keywords per campaign and ad group to using shared negative keyword lists.

Shared negative keyword libraries

Expect to hear more about shared negative keyword lists in the coming weeks.

Multi-metric trend charts make it easy to see key performance metrics at a glance

We understand the charts showing your campaign’s performance are a key tool in helping you understand how your campaigns are doing, and where you need to focus your efforts. To increase your productivity, we will be introducing the ability to compare up to six different metrics in the Trend Charts across Bing Ads.

We expect that the ability to compare different metrics along with mini-charts will go a long way in helping you get the most out of your paid search campaigns in Bing Ads.  You’ll be able to simultaneously see key performance indicators such as spend, clicks, impressions, conversion rate, and average CPC.

Trend graph comparing impressions to conversion rate along with 4 mini-charts


More intuitive and actionable proposals in the Opportunities tab

A common request we get from advertisers like you is—make it easier to manage campaigns by giving guidance on what keywords to bid on, how much to bid and what budgets are reasonable. To this end, we’ve redesigned the Opportunities page, pairing opportunities and their estimated impact together in a simple, single view.

Before – old Bing Ads Opportunities page


After – new Bing Ads Opportunities page


With this new view it’s clear where you have opportunities to improve a campaign and what we think the improvement will be if you accept our suggestions. Along with greatly improving the usefulness of the Opportunities tab, we have also elevated it to a top-level link to provide easier access to optimizing campaigns and keywords, resulting in higher ROI for customers.

There's more to come in the near future on the great improvements to this feature.

Overhauled change history page with undo functionality forthcoming

We are also thrilled to announce a major update to the Change History tool that we will be releasing shortly. The Bing Ads Change History tool provides an instant visual picture of how your changes impact campaign performance. By seeing your campaign statistics alongside the changes you've made across your campaigns, you can understand the recipe of success or, in some cases, an unexpected dip in your performance. While the existing UI does a great job of detailing the changes at the most granular level, it does require the user to spend additional time aggregating the changes in order to get a bigger picture. 

The grid in the redesigned Change History tab will now group the changes, making it easier for users to quickly navigate the grid and pull relevant data. Each row in the grid will contain changes made at the same time by a given user. Within each row, changes are further grouped by campaign, then by ad group. A new column labeled “Change” details the entity level changes. Next, we are introducing the capability to filter by user and also making the change type filter more visible by placing it right above the grid. In addition to all this, we continue to differentiate by overlaying the change history bubbles over the performance trend graphs. The change history bubbles provide an intuitive way to filter by time allowing the user to rapidly narrow down to the changes that made the most impact to the campaign performance.

Before – old change history tool

After – redesigned change history tool

But wait, there’s more! :)

In a future release, we will be letting you undo a subset of changes from right within the change history grid, thus allowing you to take action inline without navigating away to a different page (more on that later).

This is just the beginning -- we will certainly have more updates to share in the future as we continue to listen to your feedback, improve usability, offer more controls and insights, and further improve our navigational experience so it feels like a home for you, our advertisers. 

Comments? Questions? Feel free to leave them below or ping me on Twitter.

Dare Obasanjo

Group Program Manager, Bing Ads Applications and Developer Platform