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Bathroom retailer achieves 25% lower cost per click with Bing Ads

We’ve all heard of a business that started out in someone’s garage, shed or attic. In 2001 Colin Stevens started out  from his bedroom at the age of 21, selling taps. Today his company Better Bathrooms employs 182 people and has showrooms in Wigan, Warrington and Manchester and manages to be highly competitive against large retailers such as B&Q and Bathstore. Stevens and his PPC and SEO manager Richard Banks explain how the Yahoo! Bing Network helped them being so successful in a competitive market.

Internet advertising is helping Better Bathrooms to compete with large competitors

Although Better Bathrooms has showrooms 80% of trade comes via their website. ‘We should not have been able to do what we’ve done because we’re competing with large players with a lot of money and very established infrastructures’ says Stevens. ‘We believe however that we will continue to take market share from them by being dynamic and by concentrating on internet advertising’

‘Tapping’ into a new, targeted customer base with Bing Ads

Better Bathrooms uses a broad mix of advertising channels but increased its online advertising spend by 24% YOY as the company sees online as a main growth area. In an effort to reach as many potential customers as possible Better Bathrooms has used the Yahoo! Bing Network as part of their advertising mix since it became available in 2009.

The moment we started advertising on Bing we pulled in a new customer base’ says Stevens. Stevens also explains he reaches a more targeted audience than they previously reached using eBay, Amazon and Google. With Bing Ads, Stevens feels, Better Bathrooms can target those potential customers who will drive traffic to their site, they are flexible in switching accounts on and off, decreasing and increasing budgets and they use location extensions to help people find showroom locations.



Better Bathrooms has seen an increase in the amount of visitors to their website, as well as an increase in sales. Furthermore, in comparison to Google, they have seen a better ROI. “We actually see our cost per click lower than Google on Bing Ads. It’s roughly about 25% lower, which is great,” says Better Bathroom's PPC and SEO Manager Richard Banks. Stevens final advice is ‘My advice is to get on the Yahoo! Bing Network and start advertising to new customers. Set yourself a budget – you have complete control on what you spend, where you spend and how you spend it