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Sustainability update: Over 235,000 trees planted to date

As our daily lives continue to be impacted by COVID-19 and the wildfires and hurricanes ravaging pockets of the globe, our goal of a greener future is more important than ever.

Thanks to the amazing support from our clients, partners and employees, we’re pleased to share a total of 237,786 trees have been planted as part of our sustainability commitment of planting 250,000 trees in 2020.

Over 235,000 trees have been planted to date!

We want to take a moment to thank and congratulate the amazing work of our clients, partners, and employees for their contributions.

  • US based agency, Visiture, and over 500 other partners contributed 75,000 by participating in our bi-annual Microsoft Advertising Get to Green contest.
  • We planted 7,000 trees on behalf of our partners who have tuned in to our virtual Insights Live webinars.
  • 4,500 trees were planted on behalf of our attendees tuning to our Microsoft Advertising Bootcamp series. Register for our 9 sessions available on-demand.
  • 2,000 trees were planted on behalf our partners that provided valuable feedback to our engineers during our Product Advisory Groups.
  • 2,000 trees were planted on behalf of our Microsoft Advertising Trivia Time winners and participants.
  • Our APAC team planted an additional 1000 trees on behalf of attendees at DigiMarCon Asia Pacific 2020.
  • Our America’s & APAC sales teams contributed 16,000 trees from team activities.
  • New Microsoft Advertising Certified Professionals contributed over 13,000 trees.
  • New Microsoft Advertising Insider subscribers contributed 7,200 trees.
  • Over 1,400 trees were planted on behalf of clients enrolling within the Microsoft Advertising Partner Program.

Get involved and have trees planted on your behalf

You can earn your Microsoft Advertising Sustainability Champion badge, and have trees planted on your behalf by doing the below. When you participate in any of these activities, you can download the Champion badge and share through social media.

  • Subscribe to the Microsoft Advertising Insider to get our bi-weekly newsletter full of product news, insights, and more. We’ll plant 10 trees for every sign up.
  • Share your support on social media. Find us on FacebookLinkedIn and Twitter where we'll share monthly tips to support a more sustainable environment.
    • When you implement any of these tips, or perform one of your own, share on social media with #MicrosoftForEarth, and and #MSFTAds will plant a tree for every post.
    • We'll also plant a tree each time this blog post is shared or re-tweeted from our social handles.
  • Learn how to get the most of your ad spend by becoming a Microsoft Advertising Certified Professional, and we'll plant a tree on your behalf.
  • In Asia Pacific we will be planting 3,000 trees on behalf of virtual attendees at the Mumbrella360 Reconnected and Microsoft Advertising APAC Bootcamp series.

Support your local sustainability efforts with Give with Bing

If you’re looking for other ways to support your local community sustainability efforts, download the Give with Bing extension on Edge, Chrome or Firefox. Your Bing searches will earn Microsoft Reward points that are automatically donated directly to the cause of your choice.

How, why and where we are planting 250,000 trees

A key part of Microsoft's culture is to empower employees to give back to and be active in programs that benefit our global and local communities. Microsoft Advertising has teamed up with our syndication partner, Ecosia, to plant trees on behalf of our clients. Ecosia puts its profits from searches toward planting trees. We’re thrilled to work with Ecosia to support tree planting in the following locations:
  • The Jane Goodall Institute to reforest wild chimpanzees’ habitat in Uganda
  • Turning deserts back into forests in Burkina Faso
  • Reforestation in Brazil
Bookmark the Microsoft Advertising blog where we'll continue to share more details, and new activities and ways you can participate.

Thank you for being a part of creating a greener 2020 one tree at a time and helping us reach our 250,000-tree planting goal!