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Bing Ads Editor: Review Extensions support and other updates

We’re excited to announce support for Review Extensions, improvements in audience association creation for your Remarketing in Paid Search campaigns, and better keyword import in our latest Bing Ads Editor release: v11.10.

Review Extensions:

Review Extensions help you build trust with your customers with the ability to add reviews from trusted third-party sources to your ads.

By upgrading to v11.10, you can efficiently manage your Review Extensions in bulk from Bing Ads Editor. Each campaign and ad group can have up to 20 Review Extensions associated with it. Bing Ads Editor has a shared Review Extensions, which allows you to create one shared Review Extension and then associate it with multiple campaigns and ad groups. Visit our Help page to learn more.


Efficient creation for Remarketing in Paid Search audience associations:

In our ongoing effort to save you time, we have added the ability to allow you to adjust the bid modifier between -90% to +900% while you’re creating audience association for your Remarketing in Paid search campaigns. You no longer need to go back to the editor pane and update the bid adjustment value after creating the audience associations. For all new audience associations, the default value will be pre-populated to 15%.


Better keyword import:

Bing Ads Editor now correctly recognizes symbols for phrase and exact match type. For example, the keyword "flowers" and [flowers] will be imported as phrase and exact match type respectively. If a keyword has no symbols and no explicit match type, it will be considered a broad match type.

Questions or comments?

Feel free to contact us via Twitter, visit the Bing Ads Answers forum or send your feedback directly to