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New User Role Gives You More Control Over the Accounts You Manage

Do you invite users to help manage your Bing Ads account? You now have a new option: The Standard User role. This role gives a user permission to manage campaigns and perform some billing activities on specific accounts without having to be a Super Admin.  Get access to only those accounts that you are responsible for, and receive notifications relevant to you.

What’s the Difference?

The new Standard User role has access levels in between Advertiser Campaign Manager and Super Admin. Users with this role will be able to perform all actions currently available to the Advertiser Campaign Manager, as well as manage billing-related actions at the account level like managing insertion orders and switching payment settings, without needing to be set up as a Super Admin for a customer. 

To see a detailed description of user roles and the process for inviting someone to view or manage your accounts, see How do I give someone access to my Bing Ads account?  For a summary of functions by user role, see below:

Get Started

Want to assign a Standard User role to someone?  You can edit roles for existing users and account access in just a second.

Of course, you can also invite new users to the Standard User role as well. Just sign in to Bing Ads, click Users on the toolbar to invite a user, and then choose Standard User in the Account Role drop down menu.

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