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Treat Yourself to Halloween Sales with Tricks for Search

Halloween isn’t just for kids anymore, as an estimated two-thirds of American adults celebrate it. Those adults take Halloween seriously, and one-third of them plan ahead and shop for the occasion before October. Bing Ads has prepared and ready to share with you the latest insights and tricks for online search. Treat your business to a piece of Halloween spending.

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Want to know how to Cannes? Here’s how to #BingThere

We’re not long from the start of this year’s Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity – the cobbled streets and sandy beaches are calling! As the taxis roll up, hotels are checked into and the sessions kick off, to help navigate the busy schedules everyone is undoubtedly facing, we at @BingAds feel there are a few Cannes secrets worth sharing. After all, at Bing we are geared toward discovery and as the intelligent fabric across platforms, devices and services, we know the importance of insights in...

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Small Business Academy: Getting sharp with SEO and SEM

Small Business Academy: Getting sharp with SEO and SEM When was the last time you used a search engine? Chances are good it was within the last hour. We do very little without using that fantastic and useful tool. The same is true of your customers, which is what makes the search engine so critical to your business success. Let’s look at some of the basics of using search engines to market your business. What is the difference between Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing...

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Recap: The Kevin Bacon Approach to Keyword Attribution

The assumption in Hollywood circles is that everyone is just six people from knowing Kevin Bacon – and that the closer your degree is to Kevin Bacon, the more successful you will be. This is a great analogy for understanding how keywords can assist conversions, even if those keywords themselves aren’t conversion stars. Conversion attribution continues to be the bugaboo of digital marketing, especially as searchers stretch across screens and absorb the influence of social media. There’s nothing...

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How to lose a lead in seconds

The destination URL or Final URL is a critical component of the ad copy as it leads search users to the targeted content on an advertiser’s website. An incorrect destination/final URL in an ad leading to a 4XX error such as 404 will result in a frustrating user experience as the users will not find the product or service they are expecting to see after clicking the ad. From an advertiser point of view, a click on an ad with a broken URL will not convert, hurting return on investment or ROI. 4xx...

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