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Steve Sirich

General Manager, Microsoft Advertising Marketing

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Microsoft Advertising Partner Awards: Nominations are open

We’re excited to announce that nominations are now open for the Microsoft Advertising Partner Awards. The awards will be delivered as a virtual moment in time in February 2021, with all the fanfare and celebration our partners have come to expect.

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Personalize with purpose: Building trust that drives business value

Today’s savvy consumers expect you to protect their privacy and deliver individualized experiences. This expectation creates a formidable challenge — and a significant opportunity. Learn how to build more authentic, personal connections.

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Marketing with Purpose makes a difference

At Microsoft Advertising we’re invested in helping our clients and partners to create brands that are welcomed into people’s lives. Earning and maintaining trust has never been more paramount to building a stronger and healthier business for the future.

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Adapting to a new way of doing business

We’ve heard from many of you on your business concerns during this difficult time. Microsoft Advertising is here to help, with educational information and helpful resources for our valued clients, partners and the broader advertising community.

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Now hiring: Customer Journey Officer

Many factors distinguish the organizations with high-performing marketing teams, including a spot for the important position of Customer Journey Officer (CJO). Here is guidance to help you confidently make this hire.

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